December 30, 2012

Good Sunday Morning!

Whew, it is almost the work week again! This weekend has flown by so fast, and I am not ready for it to end. I did get my new computer to work - finally! Well, I mean, it worked right out of the box, but with Windows 8, it took me a while to figure out how to do normal things (like print, get email, etc.) I am still not 100% crazy about the new Windows, however, I can manage well enough to do what I normally do on the computer: check mail, surf the Internet, go to Facebook, etc.

I spent most of yesterday adding my old files to the new machine. I also applied for a position at ASU, our local University. They are looking for a Student Recruiter for their Graduate MBA program. It is a long shot, since ASU is very difficult to get into for an interview. I followed the instructions for submitting my resume, and hopefully, will at least get a call back. I am letting this go, not worrying over it, and just waiting to see what the Lord has in mind for me.

Friday I applied for a Communications position at one of our local churches. It is a long-shot as well and I don't know if they would consider me for that job. I have the right skills, it is more a matter of the fact that I am not a member and I don't want to leave my home church and attend another. I applied a whim, so we will see if anything comes from my interest.

I spent last evening with my parents having dinner at The Olive Garden. Afterwards, I came home and promptly felt ill (again!) I have decided that I cannot tolerate gluten, and that my New Year's resolution is to start a detox program, and eliminate gluten from my diet. I need to lose 30 lbs., and I have tried Weight Watchers and Atkins, both diets worked for me many years ago, but this time around, I got little results.

I watched a video on eating the right carbs, and protein, and how the combination, if not exact, can cause a hormonal imbalance which sends your body into fat storing mode. This is the only explanation I can think of because I am not overeating. I do crave cookies, pastas, etc., but it is not like I sit down and eat an entire bag. I may have 1-2 cookies in the evening or have pasta once a week.

I have put on 30 lbs over the last couple years. I have tried to change my eating habits, but nothing has worked for me. I thought it was because of my age, and the fact that I am premenopausal now. I am sure that does have something to do with it. I don't feel well, and I am always tired. I also suffer from terrible bloating and gas -- all signs of gluten allergies. Also, my sinusitis has been really bad this year, with migraines and sinus pain fairly consistently a problem.

I prayed over what I should do and this is what the Lord has advised me to do: follow a Biblical approach to eating well. No miracle cure, mind you, but a good plan that is based upon biblical evidence that eating natural and whole foods is the best way to take care of our bodies. I searched for examples of menus and plans, and there are some websites out there that promise results, but require $$$ to follow them. I am interested in simple and free -- always free.

Anyways, after carefully researching what foods are acceptable, and what foods need to be avoided, I came up with a pretty simply detox plan that should jump start my diet and help me eliminate offending foods.

Sample Menu

Breakfast - glass of warm water with lemon (to detox)
Fruit or berries
Oatmeal with nut milk (no dairy is allowed)
Herb tea

Snack am and pm - fresh fruit like an apple or pear

Lunch - salad with raw vegies and an olive oil based dressing (with lemon or herbs)

Dinner - brown rice with steam vegies such as broccoli, beans or lentils

At least eight (8) glasses of water per day

I plan on following this detox plan for 7 days. Once I complete 7 days, I will slowly add back in organic chicken or turkey, but no other meats.

Foods I plan to stay away from permanently include:

Concentrated juices
White/Whole wheat bread
Processed or refined foods (foods with more than one ingredient)
Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners
Carbonated water (no sodas)

These leaves me with whole foods that are made up of one ingredient like rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. I am going to restrict my diet to eating foods that can be combined into meals with natural additions such as olive oil, honey, etc. My goal is to reduce the overload of processed and chemically-laden foods into my system to see if this resolves a lot of the health issues I suffer from regularly.

At the minimum, I should lose weight. The long-term goal is of course better health. I want to lose the weight to reduce back, neck and shoulder pain (my middle and my heavy breasts always strain my upper back). I want to kibosh intestinal distress, and be free from my dependency on the nearest restroom. And I want to still these migraines that I know are triggered by chemicals.

I am giving myself plenty of time to detox from the chemicals in my foods. I want to do this right, and be free from the weight and other health-related problems for life. My hope is that I can make it through the first couple weeks. I remember that weeks one and two were most difficult for me when I was on Atkins and Weight Watchers. After those first weeks, the eating plan and the changes I made seemed to work fine, and the weight came off.

My number one New Years 2013 resolution is to get my health back, and to start feeling better.

Dear Lord,

You know that my weight has been an issue for a long time. I have tried everything I can think of to shed these pounds. More so, my health has been a constant complaint, and I am tired of complaining about how I feel each day. I am asking now for the Grace to stick to a whole and natural eating plan, knowing that I will lose weight, but more importantly, I will feel better and have more energy and less mood swings and other difficulties. I ask for your help to provide me with the right foods to eat, easy to make recipes, and supplements so that I can stick to this plan for life. It is time for me to give up chemicals and other processed foods and additives that have wrecked havoc with my health and immune systems. I know you desire that I live a healthy life, and that I take care of the body you have given to me. I don't want to focus on this any more. I don't want it to take precedence over what I am thinking, so I ask for your help to put my health back in order, and for the ability to change how I look at food, and how I eat food for 2013. I ask this now in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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