January 13, 2013

D-Day Has Arrived

It is a beautiful Sunday here in sunny Arizona. The day has turned out to be great, even though it didn't look as such first thing this morning. I woke up early, and I was not in the best of moods. I had spent the majority of yesterday afternoon trying to get my Wi-Fi back up and running. For some reason, my router wouldn't renew it's lease with my service provider, and that meant that all our wireless devices could not get out on the Internet.

My son has a switch setup up that sits between our cable modem and the router. The idea was to separate off his computer and lap top from all the wireless devices. It has worked well for him -- he is wired to the switch, which is wired to the modem. He gets blazing speed, and a good connection all the time.

My setup, however, is dicey at best. I am sitting behind two bathrooms and the laundry room, and I connect via wireless. My connection speed drops, and often I am completely disconnected from the Internet. I am also picking up a lot of interference from neighboring signals, and find that I never know if I will be online or not.

Yesterday was a powder keg of a day for me. It started off well enough. I had breakfast with my Mom, and then spent most of the day shopping with her. My parents are down-sizing from their home, and will be moving to a smaller apartment this Spring. Mom is paring down, but wanted to get some new inexpensive dishes for their new place. We shopped a bit, and finally found a nice set of dishes at HomeGoods (Marshall's).

I got home around 2 p.m., and came upstairs to check my mail. My computer, phone, IPad, couldn't access the internet at all. I went into my son's room to power down the modem and router, and that was the death knell it seems. The modem came up, the router did not.

My son and I spent about three hours trying to get the system working again. We swapped out our modem, called our ISP, and got the Internet portion working again. However, this didn't solve the router problem. I didn't want to buy another new router -- our current one is less than a year old -- and is considered a very good dual gigabyte router.

I finally crashed around 4:30 p.m. and decided to go to Walmart to get some food. I was in such a miserable mood, that I ended up spending $145 dollars at WalMart and purchased new glasses for myself (eyeglasses). I had planned to get them, but didn't really think I would do it yesterday. I went into the vision center to browse -- to take my mind off the router issue -- and found really cute glasses to wear. I have a little face, and with my strong prescription, I need a smaller frame. I normally end up with children's frames which help with my vision problems.

I found these cute frames for $9, so I only had to purchase the high-index lenses with the coatings. I should have my new "Doctor" glasses in about 7-10 days. I call them "Doctor" glasses because that is what they look like. The are tortoise shell plastic frames (sort of a caramel color). I look very "Professorial" in them.

So to make a long story short, I came home with some food, new glasses ordered, and no Internet. I was not a happy camper, but I let it go, and decided to just wait to see if the problem would resolve on it's own.

This morning, I woke to no Internet, but thankfully my son was up early. He had been thinking about the problem, and together we put our heads into the problem, and voila! resolved it. I am so blessed to have a technically-skilled son at my disposal.

I ended up staying home from Church (for other reasons). I spent the morning playing with my son's violin (borrowed), and catching up on some business-related stuff (supposed to have been done yesterday). I was enjoying my morning, thanking God for His provision of Internet, when I received an email from Regent University reminding me that my application is not complete, and the deadline is coming up (2/1/13).

I quickly sent off an email to the Director of Admissions to thank her for sending that email. I assured her that I would forward my essay to her later today. She replied letting me know that all she needs is my essay, and that my application will go to "committee" tomorrow. Oh wow! Oh wow!

You see -- it was last week -- right in the middle of all that horrible turmoil that I prayed for God to provide some confirmation to me that I am to go to Regent. Really, I asked Him to provide confirmation to me that I am on the right path, following after Him, and aligned with His will. I received part of that confirmation on Friday. Earlier in the week, I was at the breaking point with my job, and I had determined I needed to look elsewhere. Then later on, my job tasks changed and the amount of stress decreased. While not a major improvement from the stress-level before, this change was noticeable, and so very welcomed.

I also had several good conversations with people in the know, people who were my superiors. These conversations, again not completely a confirmation that I was OK, were at the least, a gentle reminder that God had everything in firm control. I felt so much better by Friday, and I started to see that there was some hope for me at CVS Caremark.

And, then today, I get an email confirmation -- out of the blue -- letting me know that Regent hadn't forgotten about me, and that they were waiting for my essay. I sat here and thought for a moment about how great God really is, and how marvelous are His works. I mean, God has seen to it that I have everything I need, right when I need it most. He has provided abundantly for me, and He has made sure that from school to home to work -- it is all covered by His care and His grace.

I am awash in His mercy. I feel His goodness toward me, and I see His hand of provision. I see His workmanship, and His presence gives me such comfort. I am safe. I am sound. I am good.

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