February 19, 2013

Seeing Hope Peeking Around the Corner

The past couple weeks have been bleak for me. Not only has my workload been increasingly heavy, but I have been struggling to keep the flu/colds at bay. Everyone in my family has been sick, and most of my co-workers have been ill as well. I have been fortunate to keep from feeling the full throttle of the flu -- but -- this week, my immune system took a nose dive and I ended up sick.

Thankfully, I think it is just a seasonal cold and not a sinus/ear infection or the flu virus. I still feel pretty yucky, but at the least, I am not suffering from fever, chills or pneumonia (from which my dear Mother has just recovered). I am stuffy and blowing my nose, but no sign of infection -- yet.

Today, I went into work because I had several conference calls to attend. After my 11:00, I put a sign on my chair and packed my little bags and headed home. I decided to take the afternoon off as sick time, which means I can be logged out of my laptop, and not have to be "available" online. PTL! I am so sick and tired (literally) of being "available" online. I mean even when I worked from home I had the freedom to keep my own hours. I didn't have to be online or available if I was sick. I could just return calls later in the day or the next day. This business of being available is for the birds, and it stinks -- there is no "work/life balance" at CVS Caremark.

As I was driving my little self home, I thought out loud - "Lord, please bring me a new job. Bring me any job that will not conflict with Regent and will work for me." I prayed it with all sincerity, letting go of the job I have, and embracing whatever job the Lord chooses for me. I don't care anymore. I don't care about the money, or the level of work, or the job title. I just want a job I can do for 8 hours a day, and then leave at the office. I want to go home, enjoy my family, practice cello, study my school courses, and be free to live a normal life. I want to serve at church again, and have the job fit into it's little compartment called "work." It is not the end-all and be-all of my life. It is not an idol I worship -- it is just a means of income, and I am not going to let it be anything more than that - ta dum!

I made it home, finally, and I did the little bit of work I had to do before I shut down for the day. Then I booted up my PC, and checked email. Good news - my acceptance materials are in Central Enrollment and I should get them soon! Also I found out that the car loan paper I received that said I had been denied was for the first loan I applied for, not the one I received. I have since received confirmation on my actual loan, and my car is safe and secure. PTL2!!

Then before I laid my little head down, the Lord prompted me to look at a couple jobs boards. I have been browsing them the past couple days but didn't really see anything I liked. Today,  however, I noticed a job for one of our local Charter School systems (the corporate offices). They were looking for an Executive Office Assistant, and the salary and responsibilities fit my range and skill set. I applied - oh joy -- I applied. I am so hopeful that they will give me a call. This is a classical charter school, and I certainly have CLASSICAL written all over me. Oh, what a great job it would be - an easy job, low key, low stress, and something I could do for the next five years while I finish my doctoral program. I am excited to even apply. We will see if the Lord thinks this is a good opportunity for me. Nonetheless, I am blessed to even submit my resume for consideration. God be praised, let's hope this may be His timing and His provision.

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