February 2, 2013

So Much Change

It is February 2nd, and today is a very good day. This past week has passed by quickly, and there has been so much change. God has provided abundantly, and He has kept me safe and secure through it all. I am lifting a sacrifice of praise to Him today for His Goodness and His Grace. God is so very Good. He is so very Good to me! I cannot tell you how much I have suffered this week alone, stress and with worry, yet God has given me His peace, and everything has turned out well for me. Thank you, Lord, for everything you have done for me this week!

As I sit here today and reflect on this week, I marvel at God's provision. He has brought me through some difficult times before, and this past week was no exception. The week as planned was pretty full. I had a busy schedule at work, and a second interview pending with Regent University. I was worried about the latter, but put it off and out of my mind, and focused on my ever-increasing workload at CVS Caremark.

Sunday started off with a bang -- literally. My son called me around 12:30 p.m. saying he had a little incident with my car. He was OK, but the car had some damage. I was distraught over the damage, but tried to focus on the positive -- no injuries to my son nor any one else. He was safe and that is what mattered most. However, on inspection of the car, I soon realized that the damage was not minor. In fact, it was fairly significant.

I called AAA, got a tow truck out and had the car towed to a service/repair station for their evaluation. The news was bad -- frame and suspension damage. The estimate was 1-2K in repair work. The car had to go to a collision shop for a completed estimate. The worth of my car was about the same amount. I knew I was in a difficult predicament. Without some help from insurance, I was going to be up the proverbial creek...

I called my agent, only to be reminded that I didn't carry collision on the car. The cost of insurance on the Kia was high to begin with, and adding collision put the payment way out of reach for me. I knew this, but it was decision I made back when I purchased the car in 2010.

My agent had told me that due to the size of the car, and the brand, collisions generally totaled the car. He said even a low-speed crash will total this kind of car, so the premium is high to off-set that fact. Yes, he was correct. My son had a low-speed crash with a wall, and it caused significant damage.

I was desperate for help. I hadn't planned on buying a car this week. While I had been thinking about it for the past couple months -- planning and budgeting, and hoping to purchase soon -- it was only a dream, a pleasant diversion to keep my mind off of other things (some day soon, you know).

I prayed about the decision. Should I invest in this car and get it repaired (2004 Kia with close to 100K miles on it) or should I attempt to purchase another car? I didn't have a boatload of cash to get me a new car, and while I did have a little saved, it wasn't going to be enough to get me a good newer used card.

I reached out for help, and a friend of my mom's gave me the name of a sales rep for Nissan. She assured me that he was well-regarded and would help me with everything I needed. I called him, and she was correct. This man was a God-send. He looked for a newer used car within my budget, and helped me arrange financing. Nissan was awesome. They financed me with a low-down payment, and payments to fit my life right now.

I brought home a 2011 Nissan Sentra last evening. It is gorgeous! I was able to buy a certified pre-owned Nissan, which means, I get the warranty that was remaining plus an additional warranty. In all, I ended up with an almost brand new car, low miles, and a 10 year/100000 mile warranty. God has been so very good to me this week!!

I am amazed at His Goodness toward me. I not only have a new car (new to me, but almost new); but I also completed my last interview with Regent, and handled all the stress at my job. I am exhausted, really beat up, yet I am still hanging on. God is my Victor, my Champion. He stands for me, and protects me, and He is Victorious.

So what is next? I don't have a clue. I just know that this car loan will help prepare me for home ownership. The finance manager told me that an installment loan is critical to getting good mortgage financing. He gave me a plan on how to build my credit so that I can qualify for a zero down loan when I am ready to purchase a home. He also told me that my credit is very good, and that I am in a perfect place to build my credit history, and be able to be established as credit worthy. I know that for some Christian's, credit is considered negative. They do not want to be a part of this world, and they do not want to participate in what they feel is part of this world's domain.

I am ambivalent about it. I see it as valuable so long as you use it for specific purposes. For example, it is very difficult to purchase a car or home without credit. You can save your cash and buy everything that way (I did that for years), but often you cannot buy quality that way. I don't intend to buy another car for a long time. I don't intend to continue to finance cars. However, this is a start, and it will prepare me to buy a home. Once I have this completed, I don't really see the need to repeat the process, unless the Lord determines that He wants me to do so.

An aside -- so back to the business at hand.

I will wait to hear about Regent. I can only believe that they will accept me, and it will be confirmation of God's will. If they do not, then so be it. I am believing that this is the Lord's expressed will for me. Therefore, it will come to pass. I will pray for His will to do be done, and for mercy by the committee who reviews my application. I will trust Him to move their hearts to accept me, to see that I am following the Lord, and I am doing this because He has asked me to do it. I will rest in the knowledge that God moves behind the scenes and that He makes all things work together for my good. God knows Regent. He knows their hearts, and I believe they will come to see that I am there on the calling of the Lord, and I am moving towards His expressed will for my life.

My work, well, I am asking the Lord for a new job. I like my work at CVS, but the amount of stress is getting to that unbearable point. I am overworked, and I need a break. I was placed on another committee at work, and while the profile is great (it gets me noticed), the volume of the work is more than one person can hope to handle. I am not sure where I will go, whether I will stay put at CVS or whether the Lord will move me elsewhere. I just know that I need a break, and that I am overwhelmed every single day. God help me? Provide some way out -- I ask this now in Jesus' Name.

There you have it. My week in a nutshell. I am resting in the Lord's provision, and trusting Him to lead me through these next weeks. God be Praised. He knows me best, and I trust Him most. His way, always.

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