February 23, 2013

The Next Five Years

What a busy day I have had. It started out fairly quiet, with just my normal cup of coffee, and two purring kitties trying very hard to get me to play. After the umpteenth stern look, the kitties finally decided to stay off the TV stand, and not attempt to climb on top of the flat panel screen. I honestly do not know what they think they are doing, trying to scramble up on the tiny 2" ledge of the TV screen. I guess they remember the old box TV we had, and think they can still fit on that tiny strip of plastic. I am more worried about the TV falling over on top of them -- it is after all 47" wide, and probably weighs in at 135 lbs. Not a very pretty thought...hence the stern look and the "Dog Whisper" like behavioral stance (sending psychological thoughts to say "Hey, I said GET DOWN!!")

Did it really work? Yes, and no. I really think the boys just give up on me, and go and lay down somewhere else. It usually takes 3-4 times of me doing the "get off" routine before they give up and go elsewhere. Still it bugs me, and there is part of me that thinks this is all just a game to them ("Hey, lets see how many times we can get her up out of the chair to shoos us off the TV stand?") I guess a game is a game when it comes to feline amusements! LOL!

Once I pulled myself together, got dressed, and headed out, I ended up with Mom for the morning. She wanted to do some shopping, and she is still not 100% over her Pneumonia. She is better, but not great. I am worried about her, but the Doctors say it will take her a while to recover due to her CLL (Chronic lymphocytic leukemia). This disease is common among older people, especially men, and it can complicate the natural healing process. It is a chronic condition that affects many people without them even knowing it. My Mom was diagnosed last year, and the disease is progressive, though most people do not die from it. Her main symptoms are fatigue and frequent infections.

This last illness really took a toll on her, and as a result, my Dad asked me if I was willing to move in with them. I had considered it before, but thought I had a couple years still. My Dad is not well, and the thought of caring for my Mother solely on his own, was really bearing down on him. They had made the decision to sell their home, and down size into an apartment. This was the plan going into Christmas, but then Mom got sick, and my Dad felt he couldn't really care for her.

I broached the subject in January, simply because I could see how the move was affecting my Dad. He was worn out, and with his Post-Polio Syndrome, the extra stress was simply too much for him. He was worried about moving, about clearing out their garage, about paying the extra rent cost. I could tell that my parents were simply not going to be able to make this kind of adjustment, and move this spring.

I made the decision to move in with my parents a couple weeks ago. It was a difficult decision at first. I didn't want to give up my freedom, and I didn't want to leave my lovely townhome. However, after my car crash, and the stress of purchasing a new car, it was pretty obvious to me, that I had to consider it, and I had to consider it now.

We found a neighbors house to rent (about a block away), and my parents are planning on moving in after the 1st of April. I am locked into my townhome agreement until November, so I am praying that my landlord will let me out of the lease. I am trusting that to the Lord, since I know moving in and caring for my parents is a God-honoring thing. It is in His Word -- Honoring our Parents -- is the first commandment that comes with a promise (reward of long life). I know that it is the right thing to do, but still I am apprehensive about how we will all fit, and how we will make things work out.

So today, I took Mom shopping for some house things. They have sold their home (in less than a week), and made a little profit on it (PTL!) They are excited about moving in with me (well us all together), and my Dad even thanked me today for "letting them move in with me." I said, "No, Dad, thank you for letting me move in with you." Of course, it is really a shared thing, but still it was nice that my parents understand what I am giving up to help care for them. I appreciate them for their understanding of my life, and my situation.

Today has been a very good day. I mean while nothing tremendous has happened, it has been a pretty solid day. I am thinking about the next five years, and what the Lord has in mind for me. As I consider His way, and all the wonderful plans He has for me, I cannot help but lift up a sacrifice of praise to Him. He is so very good. He is so very good to me.

The next five years hold promise of a brand new future. They are filled with potential, with hope, and with the plans the Lord has in mind for me. I am excited to see what He is up to, and to experience the blessing of His Marvelous Hand. He is Good. All the time, He is so very, very Good.

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