April 3, 2013

Confirmation on the Way to Go

I was supposed to meet with my Director on Monday, but that appointment was rescheduled to next week. This left me hanging in suspense over possible changes to my employment at CVS Caremark. I was bummed, but tried not to let it impact my day. After all, meeting rescheduling happens all the time where I work, and when you are meeting with leadership, it is almost a guarantee that you will be moved around at least once or twice!

I was concerned over my future job plans -- not sure whether I should stay or go -- and fielding offers from other groups just complicated matters. I was told later in the day that the job posting for the position in Legal was going to open up next week, and that if I wanted to find out more about it, I should arrange to meet with the department manager as soon as possible.

I went ahead and emailed her to set up a time to speak -- and before I could get a reply back -- my own manager came by my office cube to tell me that I was being moved into a Project Specialist role in the group. I am not sure what that means exactly, but I believe it means that I will not be a Marketing Analyst specializing in either Implementations or Existing Business. My role is new, and I will be working on special projects for the group.

The odd thing about it is this -- last week -- one of my colleagues stopped by my cube, and sensing my frustration over the kinds of work I was stuck doing, asked me plain out what kind of job I wanted to do. She said, "Do you want to do Existing or Implementations?" I shrugged my shoulders and said, "not really." She said, "Well, do you want to do Projects?" I said that I was pretty much doing that already, but she said, "you can just be assigned projects to work on if you want." 

I hadn't really thought about that too much, and then lo-and-behold I get told I am being moved into this role. My colleague is a Sr. Analyst, and has been assigned as my mentor. She is very sharp, and very good at her role with new client implementations. 

I never really enjoyed doing these kinds of tasks. They involve long hours on the phone, conference calls each week, and a lot of "hurry up and wait" while the client approves documents. Since January, I have worked on several key projects, and while I didn't particularly like doing that, the work did keep me busy, and it was varied.

So I guess it is official. I am staying at CVS Caremark, and I will work as a Project Specialist for Member Communications.

Receiving Confirmation

So with that said...yesterday morning, on my way into work, I was moved by the Holy Spirit to pray over my job, my home, my future plans. As I was praying, I asked for confirmation on the path I am to take. I have applied a several other schools, thinking perhaps that going back to higher education was the best choice for me. I haven't received any word back on those positions (unless to say I wasn't chosen), and I have felt pretty "stuck" in a not so pleasant job at my current employer.

I prayed, and I asked for confirmation. I asked for favor and peace, and for an obvious sign that I was supposed to stay put. WOW! Did the Lord provide for me!!

In addition to my manager coming to chat with me, and giving me the impression that:
  1. I am changing roles effective immediately
  2. I may receive some title change or a pay increase
  3. I will receive favor on my schooling and my need for work/life balance
  4. I will be relocated to a new cube (out from under the blast of the freezer vent)
In short, I am staying in my group, being given new job responsibilities along with potential pay grade change, support for my PTO and schooling, and a new cube that is less frigid and more sunny.

All in all, I would say that I received favor from my employer and the incentive to stay put.

God is so very good to me.

Dear Lord,

You have made it clear that I am stay put at CVS Caremark. You moved me into a position that should be easier in many ways, more conducive to my schooling, and offer me the opportunity for higher visibility within the company. You are moving me into the position of your choosing, and I thank you for the favor, the blessing, and the grace you have provided to me this day.

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