April 21, 2013

Getting Everything Ready

It's Sunday evening, and I have to admit that I have had a pretty good weekend! I am not even feeling that rush of anxiety over starting the new week. I feel good, I feel ready, and I am excited to see all the wonderful changes God is bringing into my life.

Just some highlights from the week:
  • I reached out to a friend at UOPX to find out about registering for several individual courses today. I had planned on taking some research prep classes last year when I was still employed as an Advisor. I felt the Lord leading me to step up and take a Statistics course, a research foundations course, and a graduate level analysis and design course. All of these, of course (no pun intended) were to prepare me for the doctoral methods course that is required for my program. The funny thing (as in odd, curious, and unbeknownst to me at the time) was that I hadn't decided on Regent when the Lord pressed these courses on my mind. I was still waffling, thinking of maybe sticking out at UOPX and doing a doctorate in higher education. Now, with that in hindsight, I see that He knew exactly the path I would be on, and that there would be a time when these three courses would come into play. Furthermore, I found out last week that my employer offers a 6% tuition discount at UOPX, and offers $2K in reimbursement per year for courses taken. Whoohoo!
  • I met with my manager on Friday for our weekly one-on-one and had a good conversation about skills training, new challenges, and job potential. I was pleased at her insistence on creating a path for my career advancement. I had been very hesitant the previous week when after meeting with my director and finding out that the job change he had mentioned to me would be "postponed" for 12-18 months. I thought for certain that I was stuck in a limbo-land position, with no real path to follow. Then on Friday, my manager outlined the plans she had for me, and I felt more secure, thinking that perhaps the Lord was correct (Ha! Isn't He always correct?) in that staying put was His plan for me.
  • I was feeling pressured to get ready to move, and the details were starting to overwhelm me. I spent most of the evening on Thursday with my parents, and then had dinner with them on Friday night. It was a good time, and we talked about some of the plans we had made. I felt far more confident that this was indeed God's provision, and that He was creating a home for me and my son - a permanent home - whereby we could be settled and live in peace.
  • Lastly, I started to look at finding another car for my son, and feeling overwhelmed by that process, realized that there were cars out there for my budget. Furthermore, my parents offered to kick in some extra cash to help me, and I started to see that the Lord's provision for a second-hand car was well under way. All in all, His provision is secure. The plans He has for me are good, and everything is coming to pass just as He has revealed it to me. God is so very Good, so very Good to me.

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