April 13, 2013

It is GOOD!

The Lord is so very GOOD, so very GOOD indeed!
Today is a day of Praise, a day for me to thank the Lord for His Marvelous Goodness towards me, and to commit my way to follow continually after Him.
I am blessed, blessed beyond measure, and I give thanks to the Lord for His Goodness, and His Good gifts.
Update 2013
This past week has been interesting to say the least. It started off well enough, but ended with a mighty bang! I found out that my manager wants to try to get me promoted to a Senior level analyst (I am guessing this would be in September - 1 year anniversary). This would mean a pay increase for me (hooray), but would also move me forward in my career. I am pleased, very pleased, even though I am not thinking of moving into management at this time. However, I appreciate her telling me this because it helps me feel like I can stay put in my department and that there is hope for advancement down the road.
Yesterday was a really hectic day at work. I moved cubes, and I am so much happier. The new cube is warmer, and it gets more indirect light from the nearby windows. I am sorry that the contractor who started on Tuesday flipped cubes and is stuck in my old "freezer." I had hoped to swap cubes before she arrived so that she wouldn't really know the story - but oh well! I told myself that I am the permanent worker, and she is temporary. Still I do feel sorry for her. I gave her a small space heater, and she said that she is more comfortable now.
Later in the day, a realtor came by to look at the townhome I rent. The owner is thinking of selling, and she had a potential buyer who wanted to check it out. I am not sure whether they actually liked it - but I about killed myself getting everything clean and presentable.
The positive side is that my house looks lovely, and I won't have to do any major cleaning now until I move out. Hooray!
School plans are in order, and progressing nicely. I have my courses set to start in May. I need to buy books still, and of course, arrange air/hotel/car, but I have some time before I hit the must-pay date.
My son is somewhat decided on staying at the CC for one more semester. He needs six classes to get his AFA (two for his AA in Liberal Studies). I am OK with him hanging out there one more semester considering the cost difference and the fact that he is so close to graduating with his AA.
My move is set for May 25th. I have planned my weekends through that date and if all goes well will spend each Saturday packing up one room. This should make it a very smooth transition and so much less work when the day finally arrives.
I am taking some PTO just to acclimate the cats. I will be working from  home on one of those days, and if I can bookend it to Memorial day, I will have a good five-six days of being home so that my boys will be comfortable in their new home.
All in all - life is very GOOD. I am blessed, and God's Mercy and Kindness are overwhelming my soul.
Thank you, Lord, for your marvelous Goodness. Thank you for your Grace, and your abiding Presence in my life. You are Lord, and I praise and worship you this day. So be it.

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