May 9, 2013

Fulfilling His Plans

WOW! This has been a whirlwind week for me. First off, I had a good time in St. Louis. Yes, it was cold and rainy, but overall it was a good experience. I enjoyed visiting our print vendor's facility, and learning how to fend for myself on the road. I am blessed beyond measure that God provided a unique opportunity for me to travel last week. Moreover, I found out that I am now to go to Chicago for two days next week. I am blessed, truly blessed. God is a GREAT GOD and His Mercy endures forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As I sit here today, I contemplate on all that the Lord is doing for me, and through me. My life is complicated, to say the least, and I am overwhelmed and overcome by His marvelous grace. I stutter, and I stammer when asked to account for the goodness in my life. I simply cannot utter enough praise for the Lord Most High to sufficiently give testimony for His great preparation and planning my life.

While I am overwhelmed at the tasks assigned to me, His grace covers me and provides me with peace. I am no longer afraid. I am no longer worried. I am not panicked. I am good, and God is good all the time. I know Him, and He knows me so very well. He knows what I can and cannot do, and He knows that I need him now more than ever. I need you, Lord -- Oh -- how I need you.

Today was a good day for me. I spent the morning working from home so that I could take my sick son to his final exams at college. He needed a ride, and wouldn't be there long, so I just stayed home to accommodate his schedule. God has provided a job that allows such freedom, and I am thanking Him now for this gift and blessing. You are so very good to me, Lord!

I marvel at His will and the plans He has for me. I magnify the Lord, singing within my soul to give Him the praise due His holy name. I know He is worthy, so very worthy, and I sing for joy at the salvation of my soul, and at the provision of his mighty hand. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Not everything is perfect. Not everything is running smoothly as planned, but what is moving forward seems to be in "full steam ahead" mode. I am excited, and I am filled with eager anticipation of the fulfillment of the Lords will for my life. What will he do next? How will he amaze me further? Can I handle more goodness from His hand? Yes, yes, yes. I am intrigued Lord, and I wait upon you to see what you have in mind for me next.

So far this week, I have:

  • Traveled to St. Louis on business
  • Received a major project assignment with potential for career advancement
  • Given plans to travel to Chicago on business for next week
  • Received a Corporate AMEX card to use for business (PTL!)
  • Started my doctoral program at Regent
I can barely contain my excitement because of what has transpired this week. I am confident that the plans the Lord has for me are good, and that they are coming to pass. I wait with expectation, O Lord, and I rest in your Name. You are GREAT, you are GOOD, and I praise your Name now and forever more!

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