May 5, 2013

It is good to remember all His Benefits

"What joy for the nation whose God is the LORD, 
whose people he has chosen as his inheritance."
Psalm 33:12 NLT

Today is a GREAT day! I am choosing to Praise the Lord this morning for He is abundantly merciful to me.

It is a good Sunday morning, and I am ready to offer up a sacrifice of praise to the Lord. Although I am feeling a little unwell, and I have decided to miss church this morning due to jet lag and my business trip last week; I am still feeling the need to praise and worship God.

God has been so very gracious to me. He has blessed me beyond measure and He has provided me with every need I have or will have under His glorious SUN. I am blessed. I am good. And, I see the providential hand of the Lord upon my life. It is good to be alive today, and it is good to remember all His Benefits (Ps. 103:2 NLT.)

As I reflect on this past week, I am reminded of how much the Lord cares for me. He not only provided an opportunity for me to travel on business, but He also gave me the experience of travelling on short notice, and having to get up and get moving quickly. I am not a quick mover -- I am a slow mover. The Lord desires that I be comfortable with travel, and I am all for travelling - I love it! However, I prefer the slow, planned approach. I don't want to move to quickly, to go from one place to another, or to be uncomfortable while I am away from home. The Lord needs me to be ready to go when He determines it is time to go. This is what Jesus wanted from His disciples as well -- to be light travelers  to go when the moment called for travelling, and to be willing to go when asked.

I had a good trip. It was a nice experience, and it helped me be better prepared for my week stay at Regent University this June. I have already learned what not to do when travelling by plane. Security went fairly smoothly, but I had too much to place into bins to be scanned. I also lugged my carry-on with a second bag that didn't really stay put all through the airport.

My Regent trip will include a checked bag along with my laptop case. I see that I need to have one case only - so I have to come up with a better plan for a purse. I am thinking of a purse/wallet - something small that I can slip into my laptop case. I am used to bringing a purse with me, but really all I need is my wallet. 

I also need to dress better.  I was only gone for two work days and the clothing I brought was fine. However, I wasn't really comfortable in the clothing. I was sitting on a plan for four hours each way. I was at the office all day, away from my normal desk and routine, so my clothing was not suited to the work I was doing. I also need better shoes. My shoes were OK and they are the ones I wear every day to work, but for travel, they were not the most comfortable to wear for long stretches of time.  Yes, I need to revamp my wardrobe, and I need to come up with some better solutions for professional/business casual dress as well as holiday travel.

All in all, I had a good trip. I am glad to be home, glad to have time to rest up before the work week begins again.

School Update

My first courses at Regent start on  Monday. I was able to login and start them last week, but so far, I have just read the assignments, downloaded the syllabus, and read the introductory chapters. I have to have all my books read before I get to campus on June 8th. I don't see this as a problem - I just need to plan for reading each night, and I should be good.

I have booked my airfare and car already. I took care of my hotel today. This stay is going to cost me, but it will be worth it. This will be the first trip I have taken without my parents or my husband as travel companions. Yes, my business trip was my first as well. I did have my manager travelling with me, but I went on my own for the most part. I have never really traveled alone, so this is a big step for me. I am comfortable going on my own, and now that I have taken a short business trip, I am comfortable with the ins and outs of airport/rental car check in/check outs.

I can do this - I can do this!

It is a strange thing to consider that I am about to embark on a life as a solo traveler. When I was married, my husband and I did travel some of the time. We took a lot of short driving trips, longer vacation/driving trips, and some trips by air. Once our son was born, though, we didn't go as much just due to expense in flying/hotel/food, etc. I miss those trips. They were highlights of my year, and often gave me the downtime I needed to get away from the difficulties at work, at home or within my own self.

Now that I am a single adult, I am looking forward to flying and visiting countries. I haven't been out of the USA since 1991, and I am looking forward to potential travel to Africa, the UK, Canada as well as other domestic locations. I would like to plan some trips for vacation/holidays, but for now, my focus is on Regent and my schooling. I do not think I will be traveling quite as much for pleasure in the next three to four years. Oh well, I can wait. I can wait.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the provision for my schooling. Not only have you paid for my accommodation at Regent, but you have also provided for my tuition and books. I have been able to use my credit cards wisely, purchasing what was needed, and then paying off the charges quickly. You know how much I fear debt, and I thank you for providing a way for me to use what I need to use to make travel plans, and then take care of the back end business of paying for the costs associated with my program and/or those requirements for on-campus stay. You are amazing, and I thank you for everything you are doing in my life today. I know the plans you have for my life are very GOOD. I know that you are moving mightily in and through my life, and that you are making changes so that my life will continue to conform to your desire for my growth and vitality. You are arranging ways for me to make more income, to take on a larger burden of care for my parents, and continue to be a mentor to my son. I am trusting you to do all this in your Name. I believe your Word, and I trust in your Name. I am looking to your Hand of provision, and to your constant shelter and protection from the unknown, the enemy, and the distractions of this world. May your Name be praised today and forever more. I pray this now in Jesus' Name, Amen. So be it, thy will be done. Selah ~ pause and calmly think about it.

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