June 10, 2013

First Day Back at School

I arrived at Norfolk on Saturday. The trip to VA was good, not too stressful, and not overly long. I was able to fly in two legs, the first to Dallas, and the second to VA. Each flight was about 2 hours, so the whole trip was fairly easy to handle. I did have to wait while the rental car place got more cars ready for the customers waiting in line. But all in all, I had a good day.

Virginia is just as beautiful as I recall from my childhood visits. It was warm and humid, but generally pleasant when I arrived. The weather forecast was for stormy weather all week, but my first two days were actually very nice.

Sunday, I visited Regent University, and spent the day driving around and then shopping at the mall. It is fun to shop at department stores in different locations - just to see what clothing they carry that is different from my home stores. I ended up buying some jeans, casual khakis and a couple shirts. It was a good day.

Today was my first day in class. It was a long day, but good. The program is a little lax as far as organization. I noticed that when I first applied and throughout the application and interview process, found the low-key approach frustrating. My advisor, Dr. Keeler, is a dear sweet man. I enjoyed interviewing with him, and I think he is a gentle and nurturing Godly man (he has 9 children - I didn't know that!). He reminds me of a grandpa - sort of the type who accepts you as you are, and who supports you in your dreams and aspirations.

Regent is a lovely campus. It is small, intimate, but very nice. The buildings are all colonial in style, and the campus is well-appointed. The day was spent getting to know the other students and finding out more about the program. I was intimidated at first, not really knowing what to expect. After the day ended, though, I realized that just like when I was at Mercy College, I was not in competition with anyone else. I was there to do what I believed God was calling me to do, and it didn't matter what other people were doing. I had to focus on my job only, and let all the other people do what they were there to do.

When I got back to my room, I found out that we were under a tornado warning. Yep, there was the chance the approaching storm had a tornado embedded in it. I sat in my room for two hours, before the warning expired, and I ventured out to get something to eat. I am now back in my room, watching "Kung Fu" Panda and thinking about my research proposal project (due Thursday).

God has blessed me richly, and I am in awe of him. I know that he called me to this place for study, but I sure wish I felt more confidence in my intellect and understanding. Instead, I feel out of my depth, unsure about what I am doing, and thinking "Why, Lord? Why have you called me to this program?" I know that had I studied writing or rhetoric, I would have felt apprehensive, but my confidence would have been much higher. I don't get communication. I don't get the whole discipline. God wants me here, so I step out in faith and say "Yes, Lord."

That's all for now - night all!

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