July 3, 2013

Planning To Do for Fall 2013

Either I am crazy or I serve a Mighty and Crazy God! (I think it must be a little bit of both!!) I wonder how many times the men and women of old thought that the Lord their God was crazy for what He was asking them to do (fight Giants, march seven days around a secure fortress, rout the overwhelmingly larger enemy army, etc.) Yes, we serve an Amazing and sometimes Crazy God. Of course, crazy only in our limited view of things, and in our weak understanding of who He really is, and of His Greatness.

Yesterday, while being fairly frustrated at work, the Lord pressed on me to send an email over to the School of Psychology and Counseling at Regent. We have discussed the option of me taking a second Masters degree in Counseling, but I had assumed it would be at a different school or after I completed my PhD. Instead, the Lord suggested I consider studying Psychology as part of a joint degree option that Regent has for some of their programs. I didn't see how it would be possible, but I obeyed, and sent off the introductory email to the academic counselor assigned to field inquiries.

I was pleasantly surprised by their response (Should I be? Really?) I can complete the Masters in Human Services Counseling, which is a paraprofessional degree geared for ministry, church, or organizations, in 12 months. Each class is only 8-weeks long, and the program is designed to combine easily with other graduate programs in business, law or education. Since this is not a clinical degree, there is no extensive 1000-hour practicum. The courses are for knowledge, and to prepare students to incorporate the techniques and understanding of counseling into their careers or education.

I can be accepted into the program, but I have to have 9-credits of psychology before they will admit me. I have 3-credits from a long time ago, so I would have to take 6-credits from a local CC or another online school (or Regent, but it would be less expensive to do it via the CC).

Now I am thinking of completing this program in conjunction with my current PhD. The coursework would be a nice fit to what I want to study, and would provide good background information to my niche (interpersonal communication). I just need to figure out how I would do two programs simultaneously, and work! LOL!

Fall 2013 Course Load

I am registered for two doctoral seminars for Fall:

  • Historical/Critical Methods
  • History of Communication
These classes begin on 8/19 and run through 12/7/13.

I am also registered for one undergraduate course through University of Phoenix, but plan on taking a second this fall:
  • Foundations of Research - July 23-Aug 22 (Ungrad)
  • Research Methods, Design and Analysis - October-November (Grad)
I would need to complete two undergraduate Psychology courses at UOPX as well:
  • History and Systems of Psychology (Ungrad)
  • Psychology of Personality (Ungrad)
So in all, I would need to complete 3 undergraduate, 1 masters, and 2 doctoral courses between now and December. I am not sure I can do it all.

The research courses are to provide more instruction in research methods, which I feel is a weakness for me. My PhD is a research program, so I will be conducting a lot of research in each course. The Psychology courses are to complete the required 9-credits needed for acceptance in the MHSC program.

God is the God of My Education

I believe that God is the one spear-heading my education. He is the One providing the funding, and He calls the shots when it comes to the courses I take. I believe it - I cannot really explain why I do, I just do.

With that said, I guess this means that I am going to be taking these 6-courses (LOL!) I need to figure out how I will work - but I already know that God has no plans for me to remain at my present job (more on that later). I need to do something else, more flexible, easier, and a better fit (enough said). I am trusting Him to provide a job for me. These are His plans, therefore, He has to provide the funding, the acceptance, the grades, and the job. It is one-package wrapped up with His Name on it, and presented to Him for His Service. I give all my time, my attention, and my efforts to Him, for His Praise, for His Honor, and for His Name.

May God be Praised today and forever more! Selah! Pause and calmly think on that!!

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