July 17, 2013

Praising God for His Mercy and Blessings

Well, I have been officially hired to be an Instructional Assistant at Grand Canyon University. I completed my on boarding paperwork yesterday. I still need to provide documentation I am eligible to work, but other than that step, I am hired. I am so very blessed, and I am praising God for His Faithfulness in providing me with an opportunity to become a teacher.

I am still panicked a little bit over the money. I am going to be short - quite a lot - from what I am used to bringing home. I have bills, and responsibilities, and well, IA and Adjunct work do not pay well enough for me to live on. However, my faith is in God, and I believe that He would not have allowed me to let go of this job (CVS) to take on the uncertainty of working part-time UNLESS He had me completely covered! I am so blessed, so very blessed.

I updated my resume already, and I am ready to take on any additional work to help fill the gap in need, should the Lord open that door. I am so looking forward to seeing how He will provide the balance for me. I know that I have some extra financial aid money coming back, so I will have savings to draw on for this fall and spring. I would prefer not to use that money, and instead keep it to cover additional courses or other educational expenses. The Lord knows what He is doing, so I let this go, and I rest in His Sufficiency.

My life has taken a drastic change. The Lord prepared me, gave me a warning to prepare for change. I assumed it was a different kind of change. Yes, I had been looking for another job, so naturally I assumed this is what He meant. "Carol, be prepared to get a different full-time job." In fact, I was called back to interview at NCU this week. I had to step in faith and tell them I was already committed to working at GCU - even if that is only part-time. Still, I felt God wanted me at GCU in a faculty position, and while there was no firm commitment of work down the road, I had a sense of peace confirming to me that this was the way I was to go.

As I sit here today, I am contemplating my future. Just last week, I was looking at jobs in corporate business (my former path) or in higher education (previous path before corporate). I was content to do whatever work the Lord brought to me, but I struggled with these paths. I felt that they conflicted with my education. I have received direction from the Lord regarding Regent. I know my "path" is through Regent. By that I mean that all my focus needs to be on my studies, and while I do have to work, I cannot do work that pulls me away from what I am doing at Regent University. I believe God has called me to study there, and I have been so blessed by it, to the point where I contemplated moving from Phoenix to Virginia Beach to attend on campus. I cannot give reason other than there is something special about that campus, and when you are there, you just feel God's Holy Spirit. You want to stay there, sit there, live there, study there. I almost think it is like "heaven on earth." You know you are on an earthly campus filled with earthly people, but you also know you are doing something wonderful with wonderful people. God's presence abides there, and you are at peace.

I have never experienced this kind of peace before my trip. I was told by a couple people who graduated from there that is was special. Yet, I didn't understand what they were saying. It is special or maybe it is special to me because I tend to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I don't know, I just know that God gave me a supernatural confirmation that Regent was my path, and that I was to focus on it to the exclusion of everything else.

So back to the job hunt....

The more I looked at corporate or even higher ed jobs that were administrative, the more I felt claustrophobic. I was panicked over how I would work full-time, meet the demands of an employer, and complete my courses at Regent. I was overwhelmed by the pressure to perform, to meet expectations, and to be a "team player." I cried out to the Lord over and over again -- "Lord, I just want to do your work." I asked if I could work part-time and go to school full-time. I asked if I could do a job that was less stressful for me.

Zoom forward to last week.

The Lord pressed on me to apply for a job at NCU -- as an Academic Advisor. I received a call to interview and I went on Thursday to do so. Almost at the same time, I received a call for the Adjunct Faculty position at GCU. I was invited to interview as well, and I went and did so on Friday.

I blogged about the outcome over the weekend, how I felt that God had orchestrated that call, and how I was hired to be an IA for one semester before taking on Adjunct courses. I felt it was God's provision, even though the pay was miserably low (I have since learned that GCO pays $866 per course load - which equals out to $2598 per 3 unit course. Adjunct can teach three sections which would work out to $7794 per semester. If you divide that out by 15 weeks, you get $519 per week (paid out every two weeks or $1039 bi-weekly). It is below a living wage, but it is what most teachers get paid nationally speaking, and it is the trade you pay for being a college instructor.

As I factored the pay in to my needs (right now around $2k per month), I came up seriously short. I need to earn another $1k per month to feel comfortable. I don't know how I am going to do this, but without any experience, there is no chance I could be hired to a full-time faculty position.

I put all that behind me, and I pressed on believing that this was God's will on the matter. I told my colleagues of my decision, though I haven't turned in an official notice. Tuesday, I got a call from NCU asking me to a second interview, but because I had already started the paperwork at GCU, I turned that position down. I was "all in" for teaching!

Today, I am down in the dumps and battling some doubts. I received an email from GCU asking for 1997 W2 forms. I don't have anything of the sort - but because I said "do not contact" on my husband's business, which I worked under him for 12 years, I have to prove I worked there. I am worried now that they will choose not to hire me because they will say I falsified information. I didn't, I just was being honest. There is no number to call, no way to verify employment. I worked there from 1997-2009, but it was my husbands business. I never got a paycheck stub nor did I file a W2.

I should have left that employment off, but you never know if they will even look at your resume if you have less than five years, you might get passed over. Lesson learned - just put down what an employer can verify.

I am trusting the Lord to work that out for me. This is His SHOW and if He wants me at GCU, He will clear the matter up. Enough said.

Another step of faith...

So after being so down, the Lord pressed on me to apply for another Adjunct position with my newly updated resume showing that I am hired as an IA at GCU. It is for a community college in our far west valley, so about a 35 minute drive one-way. They are looking for development writing instructors for this fall, and the pay is exactly the same. I wrote a cover letter saying that I was looking for adjunct work, and that I would be IA at GCU for the fall before teaching in the Spring. My hope is that they will see me as a good candidate to hire on faith. It would offer me a chance to make more money, and I could teach 1-2 classes on their campus on T-THs this fall. That would be teaching two classes, IA in three, and completing 2 doctoral seminars. It is a lot, but if this is what God wants to do, so be it.

May it please the Lord to do so...

Dear Lord - HELP!

I so need you to fix this situation. I need more hours, more money, and I don't see a way for that to happen. I know you have me covered, and I know it will be OK. I have followed your leading, and I am trusting you. Please do whatever pleases you, and whatever furthers your will for my life. I am ready, I am open, and I am willing, Lord. Lead me to the place of your choosing, for your Name. Amen, so be it, thy will be done.

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