July 13, 2013

Praising God Today!

This has been a great week! On Thursday, I interviewed at Northcentral University for the position of Academic Counselor. The Assistant Director of Student Services was very nice (very young), and seemed to like my answers to her questions. I left thinking the job was in the bag.

Friday, I had an interview over at Grand Canyon University. I went even though I felt overwhelmed at the thought of being hired as Adjunct faculty. I had applied because I felt the Lord leading me to reapply, but I never thought they would actually call me. I was thrilled when I did get the call on Wednesday, but as the day drew near to go and interview, I panicked and was overcome with fear. I cried out to the Lord and said "Please Lord, I don't want to do this interview. I am not ready, I don't know how to teach college." His word to me was "trust me" and then it was "go and have a conversation." I said, "Yes, Lord" and I went.

Oh, I am so glad I listened and obeyed His Voice.

The Dean was a very nice man, very matter of fact, and very kind. He asked me a couple preliminary questions, and then said "Do you have teaching experience?" Ta-Dum! I knew that question was coming, so I just said "No. I haven't been able to get experience since I graduated with my Masters." He looked at me and said "That's OK. We have a way for you to get trained, if you are interested." I said yes, and he explained that they "teach teachers how to teach their way" and that I can work for 1-2 semesters as an Instructional Assistant, and then be given Adjunct courses. He was impressed with my PhD program, and the fact that I was open to teaching development writing and freshman English classes. In addition, once I complete 9 units in Communications, I can teach Intro to Comm classes.

He sent me over to the IA Coordinator who signed me up, before I could even say anything different. I got hired. I will be assisting in three classes in the fall. My days are M-W-F, and I will be doing the 'grunt' work in the class. I will also be tutoring and providing office hours to help students in need. In short, I will be doing everything but teaching the class - though I will be exposed to how they do it - and since I am such a good learner, I should be able to do it myself.

I guess it is like Student Teaching for K-12. I will have opportunities to teach, to lead group sessions, and so on. It is supervised, and if I do well, then I will graduate to college instruction.

They pay is minimal, but for 30 hours of work, it is not too bad. I will need to supplement with some other work, but I am thinking that the hours plus doctoral classes will be just fine. In all, God has provided an amazing opportunity for me, and I cannot thank Him enough.

Now, I just have to decide when to give my notice at CVS Caremark. I am thinking that I can work for a couple more weeks, give a two week notice, and start school on 8/26. I am so blessed. I am so very blessed.

God has provided out of His abundant wisdom the exact thing I need. Now I can get the training I need in classroom management, then gain the teaching experience of Adjunct Instructor and when I do finish my PhD, I can become a full-time Professor. I am blessed, truly blessed.

I have a way now, a path that is not confusing to me. I am on a path that aligns with my education, and will provide a good future for me. It is synced with my schooling, and I can relax and know that everything I am doing is all working together for my good. I am no longer having to put the corporate face on during the week, the doctoral student hat at night. I am a doctoral student who is student teaching and assisting until I can be qualified to be an Adjunct Instructor.

Dear Lord -

I didn't believe your word to me. I remember back when I was still in school at Mercy, and I asked you about teaching. Back then, almost two years ago, you told me that I would teach Developmental Writing and Freshman Composition classes, and that these courses would be my focus. You also said that I would teach Interpersonal Communication - even though I hadn't committed to Regent and a PhD in Communication. My faith wavered and stalled when I didn't get hired after I had graduated. You told me to be patient, to wait while you prepared the work for me. I panicked, and I begged for the job at CVS Caremark, even when you said it was not a good fit. Now I am here - on the other side of things - and I see what we had to wait. Grand Canyon has just gone through a massive enrollment explosion, and the need is so great for qualified instructors. According to the Dean, they cannot find instructors who teach according to their method. This IA program was designed to train up faculty and to ensure that instructors are not only qualified, but that they are good. I had to wait to be hired until this program was in place, and the need for more instructors was at an all-time high. I see how everything has come together -- my PhD at Regent, my need for part to 3/4 time work, my desire to teach, the need for teachers at GCU, your insistence that I keep applying at GCU even though they never replied to me, my realization that to do my program I needed 100% focus on the courses. Everything has worked just like you had told me, and I am now on my way to becoming a Professor. I thank you for your Faithfulness. I have not been obedient, and I haven't followed you. I doubted and I wavered, but you remained Faithful. I am now the recipient of your marvelous Mercy and Grace and you have made a way for me to follow so that I can do what you are calling me to do. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you. In Jesus' name - praises always! Amen, amen, amen!!

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