August 27, 2013

Settling Into My New Role

I am exhausted today. I think I am decompressing from the stress of working at CVS Caremark, and I am tired from walking across campus two-three times yesterday. The good news is that I will be working out (hooray!) and will not be sitting at a computer all day (like before). I am pleased that I will be moving around and getting my body moving again.

I do feel like I am settling into the new role. Yesterday was good, and I liked the courses I am assisting in. I will get to teach some classes in the one course (hooray!) Not sure about the others, but that is OK. I didn't expect to teach any classes at all this semester.

I am thankful for this opportunity. I have griped and complained about it, worried over the money (or lack thereof), and doubted God's provision for me. I feel really guilty over that (yes, that is what the enemy wants me to do) and I wish I would have had more faith in God. However, He is faithful, and He is forgiving. I know that my slate is clean, and I am not condemned.

God has provided a way for me to become an adjunct professor. I am excited to be able to do this after so many years of wanting to teach, but not having the education or the experience. Now I will have both, and although I cannot work full-time yet, I will have plenty of good experience under my belt by the time I graduate from Regent. My goal is to teach full-time, and between now and then, adjunct instruction is what I have to do. It is a good thing, a really good thing.

This semester I have three courses, and Lord willing, I will have three next semester as well. I would like to start teaching in Fall of 2014. At that point, I will have assisted in six courses (two Dev Writing, and four English Comp). I will also have 18 credits of Communication, which means I can be hired to teach COM classes. I did find out that Adjunct can only teach three courses per semester. Full-time faculty can teach four. In a perfect world, four classes would be good. The average pay for Adjunct courses is $2600 per class per semester. If I taught four classes that would be $10,400 or $2600 per month. It is less than what I was making at CVS, but I could live on it comfortably.

Of course, if I were to be hired full-time by a college or University, then I could make between $40-80K DOE. This is my goal. I need benefits and a full-time position, but for now, I am resting in His Sufficiency and will wait for Him to promote me, to move me into the position of His choosing. I know that where I am now is a temporary-fit. I am starting at the bottom of the totem pole, and I have to work my way up. It is OK, and I am OK with the work. It helps to know that my courses at Regent are so hard, that I can not imagine working in a regular 9-5 job right now. Even a no-brainer type job would be tiring and difficult.

No, I am were I need to be, and the Lord has a plan for my education, my job, and my work (His work). He knows the plans He has for me, and they are GOOD.

Dear Lord,

I thank you for the opportunity to work at GCU this fall. I thank you for the blessing of being a teaching assistant. I am thankful that you are working through me to bring about your will, and that in time, you will promote me and open a door leading to a full-time position again. In the meantime, I trust you, and I rest. I let go of the worries, the fears, and the doubts, and I let all that You are flow through me so I can be your vessel to the world. May your will be done in my life this day, and may you receive all the honor and praise. In Jesus' Name I pray this - Amen.

God be praised for He is so Good. He is Good.

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