September 6, 2013

Friday! It is Friday!!

What a good day to be alive and living for the Lord! I am so blessed to be where I am today, and to know that the plans the Lord has for my life are GOOD, so very good.

As I sit here and type, I am thankful that I can sleep in (until 7) and then leisurely enjoy my morning before getting ready for school. No more 5:00 am alarm going off. No more dragging myself out of bed to rush to the office. No more stress at the office. And, no more stress after I come home from the office.

My new routine suits me just fine. I get up at 7-7:30 every day. I have my coffee, watch the news (with my parents), make breakfast, check my email, blog a bit, and then get ready for school. My school day runs from 11-4 on MWF and from 11-2 on TR. When I meet with students, my schedules changes slightly, but generally, these are my hours. Granted, I am getting paid for what I do - which is not much. The pay is commensurate with the work, in my opinion. However, I am getting a lot of training and learning what to do/not to do as a college instructor. I love my classes, and my instructors (whom I help) are all very nice. I feel confident that I can teach as soon as the Lord chooses for me to step into that role.

Today is also Jeans day, so it is casual (flip flops are OK). I need to wear purple, but other than that, I can go pretty laid-back to school. I love the fact that I can go to my classes and that I don't have to do much in them. It is a little boring, but generally speaking, it is OK. I would rather have less to do than more right now.

My courses at Regent are starting to ramp up, and I will have two major papers due the first of October. I need to factor in that time along with all the grading I have to do for GCU. I am anticipating having to review anywhere from 120-150 papers this month. I am a little bit concerned about the workload, but I know God will help me through it. The good news is that when I start teaching these classes, I will have 1-2 IAs to help me. So really, this semester and maybe next, will be the only time I am grading papers at GCU. If I work at other schools, I may have to grade papers, so the exercise is a good one for me. I will learn what to do, how to do it, and how to manage my time so that the papers are returned to the students within 7 days. I can do this - I can do this.

I am still feeling yuck-o. Not sure if this is allergies or that Adkins flu I was warned about. I think it is just seasonal crud. I am better than I was on Tuesday (which was flat out in the fog). I am still tired, really tired. I am struggling with some bowel issues, but I think that is the result of my diet change. Overall, I am pleased with my weight-loss so far - I think I am down about 7 lbs since I started this program on Sunday. I know I have lost about 1/2 inch around my waist, hips and thighs. I have a lot of weight to lose, but this is a good start, and I am getting used to very low carbohydrates. I am off the Diet Soda (hooray!), but still have caffeine in the morning. I am almost off the coffee at night (another hooray!). I am drinking from 6-9 cups of water each day, and tolerating the increase in fluids (I am not a water drinker). I am also less consumed by the thought of cookies, candies and bread (the first couple days were so hard). My goal is to stick to whole foods, natural and non-processed choices. I will add in fruits and whole grains soon, but for now, I am eating some lean meat and a lot of vegetables.

Some things I have noticed so far with this lifestyle plan:

  • I feel lighter internally when I eat this way (not heavy, sluggish like before)
  • My pants are looser (a little)
  • My complexion looks better
Once I get over the fatigue and the allergies, I think I will really notice the perks of going natural/organic. I have tried this before, but I was so stressed that I couldn't let go of the comfort foods (especially chocolate). Now, it is easier for me to choose better foods. Some of it is my new schedule. I have more time to choose what to eat, and I am moving all day long. Before I sat in a cube, and free food was available to me. I would sit at my desk and have a several cups of coffee along with cookies and candy. Now, I eat five meals a day (three main meals and two snacks). I am not in a place where I can graze, and I cannot eat in class (I am busy). So really, I am only eating during my free time when I am home or in the cafeteria.

Plus, I am walking every day - more than before. I am walking about 1/2 mile to a mile each day, climbing stairs, etc. I am actually enjoying being outside, even though it is so hot and humid. The campus at GCU is really lovely, and the brick walkways are nicely laid out so you can stroll around the campus. I love the leisure time I have to stroll (I have about 15 minutes to get from one side of campus to the next). I am walking purposefully, yet still paced so I am not out of breath. I can tell already that my body is happy to be moving and not sitting all day long.

Overall, as I come to the close of my second week on campus, I am happy. Happy is a feeling - fleeting most of the time. I try not to associate feelings with my thoughts because my feelings are usually not accurate. I do feel blessed, and I am certainly content. The only issue I still fret over is the money, but knowing myself well, I know that I will never be satisfied because of the way I have lived the past 30 some years. It is hard to break the habit of hording money, of constantly thinking about it. I am resting in the Lord's provision, and I know I have my needs met. I am good. He is GOOD. I can trust Him.

Dear Lord -

I thank you for your gracious provision of this job and the fact that I am getting to rest. I have been so focused on the money, or lack thereof, that I have forgotten the goal of this new job. You provided a job to me that didn't conflict with my studies at Regent. Moreover, I asked for a job that would be low-stress. Lastly, the job needed to provide income for me so that I could live comfortably. You have provided all three of these requests in this one job. And, adding to that list, you also provided a job that would enable me the opportunity to become an Instructor (first step in professorship). I know that the money aspect is worrisome to me, so I place my fear of not having enough money in your hands. You are more than able to care for my finances (and have done so brilliantly for the past couple years), and I trust you with the management of your provision. After all, you provide therefore you can manage. I trust you, Lord. I rest in your abilities to take care of me this day. Thank you, Jesus, for all you are doing in my life this day. Amen, so be it, thy will be done. (Selah - pause and calmly think about it).

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