September 25, 2013

New Direction

I have blogged about my work situation for several years now. In a never-ending search to find "the right job," I have come to learn a few important lessons.
  1. There is no RIGHT job
  2. There is no PERFECT FIT
  3. There is no DESIGNED job (as in divinely appointed unless you were an APOSTLE)
There are jobs, a lot of jobs. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL job. Some jobs are aligned toward a specific skill set while others are very flexible and require little to no skill. There are jobs that seem to be pressurized and others that are very low-key and low-stress. There are high and low paying jobs, and many in the middle. Finding a job is difficult right now, and finding a good job or the perfect job is downright impossible. Jobs are available. I see hundreds listed for my area, but not all jobs align with my skill set. Finding a job, therefore, has been a difficult process for me.

As I consider the positions I have had over the past three years, I have come to learn a little bit more about my personality and my interests. I have also come to trust my own judgment on what kind of work suits me. By suits me, I mean the type of work the I enjoy, and that type of work that brings me success (achievement and reward). I have held three positions, each different, and each requiring a different set of skills.

  • Enrollment Advisor at UOPX - this position was sales oriented and required 4-5 hours of phone work each day. It was grueling to be on the phone for so much time, and I realized quickly that it was at cross-purpose to my personality type (introverted). It was draining to be on the phone. I am not a social outgoing person so being "on" for the majority of the day wore me out. I enjoyed the database management aspect of the job, but that was considered less important than the phone conversation.
  • Communications Analyst at CVS Caremark - this position was the most closely aligned with my skills, and it worked best with my personality type. I enjoyed the challenge of the work, and I liked being able to solve problems. What I didn't like was the personal drama that took place in the office, and the fact that one person was able to cause half of my team to resign or relocate. In some ways, the drama caused more stress than the work at UOPX.
  • Instructional Assistant at GCU - this position has been difficult for me. First off, I struggled through the disorganization of the institution, and then the work load that was assigned to me without pay, seemed as disingenuous. The low pay plus the lack of authority and control bothered me from the start. I took the position knowing that I would be paid very little, but the amount of work seemed doable in the exchange. I learned this was not the case. The amount of work assigned didn't equal the low pay. Moreover, I learned that while I thought I would enjoy teaching, I ended up knowing that this kind of work was not a good fit for my personality. I cannot give grades that are not earned. I have an integrity issue and the whole "we appreciate you for taking on this extra work WITHOUT PAY" bugs  me.
Therefore, after reviewing my past work history, I have come to realize that there are certain jobs that suit me, and certain jobs that do not. Although I may be able to do the work, many different kinds of work, some work doesn't agree with me or is of no interest to me.

With that said, I have applied for another position at a company not too far for me. I took a chance on the job posting, and have already interviewed. I think this position is a very good fit for me, and it aligns with both my personality and my skill set. I am praying for the Lord's favor and that I will be offered the position quickly so that I can give a short notice to GCU and be on my way into a position that interests me more.

The position I applied for is a Product Development Analyst. It is a combination of responsibilities, so there is a lot of variety of work. My previous experience at UOPX and CVS align with this job, and I understand what the job entails. I don't know everything, but I am able to learn how to do the work. I liked the woman who is hiring, and I see great opportunity for growth. I need a long-term position where I can settled down and be content. I am hopeful that they saw in me what they needed to see, and that we can join forces and work together.

Dear Lord,

I pray now for this position. I think I would enjoy this work, and it would provide a good place to develop my skills and abilities. I ask for your favor with Human Resources, the hiring manager, and the background screening company. I ask that you go before me to open this door and provide to the company everything they need to feel that I am the best candidate for the position. I ask Lord that I be given this position because I think aligns with your will for my life. I know that this is a job, just a good job. It is a career position, but it is also good prosperous work. I could be successful here, and I could achieve rank and status through my efforts and hard work. I ask for this now because Lord, I know that you have called me to be head of my household, and to do that, I need significant income. This position will pay me well, and provide excellent benefits. I ask for your hand to cover me through this process, and for your will to be done in my life. I know you, Lord. You know me, and you know what I can and cannot do. I trust your judgment, and I receive your provision for good work. I ask you to provide the job of your choosing, and I accept this job (or any other) based on your decision as to what is good for me. Thank you, Jesus! I ask this in your Name now, Amen. So be it, thy will be done. Selah! (Pause and calmly think about it).

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