September 10, 2013

Week 2 Check-in

I have been on the Atkins Induction program for a week now (well 9 days). I have lost a lot of weight, but I feel miserable. I am suffering with allergies, which hasn't helped any, and I have been very tired. I know that this is normal, and that during the Induction phase you can typically feel like you have the flu. I know this is because I have lost so much weight.

Last year, when I started this program, I lost 6 lbs. I never felt this way. I didn't stay on the program that long, and I didn't restrict my carbohydrates as much. I am not eating enough carbohydrates, I know this. I am supposed to eat between 20-25g per day for the first two weeks. I have been around 18g, and that is really pushing it. I am not a protein eater, and I can tolerate only so much salad. Still the weight has dropped off, and it seems to still be dropping. I am losing about 1/2 lb each day, which works out to 3.5lbs per week.

Since starting the program last Sunday, I have lost a total of 10 lbs, most of which was water/fluid retention. Atkins says you can lose up to 15 lbs in two weeks depending on if you follow the Induction Phase 1 program to a tee. I have strayed a little bit, but mostly, have followed the guidelines. I have a lot more weight to lose, and my goal is 20 lbs (out of a total of 40 lbs). I am shooting for half of total loss by October, with the remaining loss by New Year's or around the first of 2014.

Last week, I didn't allow any of the Atkins products because they do contain sugar, and my plan is to get off of all sugar unless it is a natural component in the food (like in fruit). I have not had any Diet Soda (PTL!) and I haven't suffered from headaches like I did before when I went 0 diet drinks. I am drinking more water, but not enough. I still feel very dehydrated. I hope to boost my water consumption today and then really stick to it through the coming weeks.

My food choices have been very basic - eggs/bacon for breakfast, salad with chicken for lunch, and meat/veggie for dinner (depending on what Mom makes). I added in the Atkins bars and shakes because I have had issues getting lunch at school. Last night, I had a Mocha Latte (Atkins) because I was hungry around 8. We had a very early dinner yesterday, so the shake was a good choice. I am trying to have these occasionally since they do have sugar in them.

Overall, I am really pleased with the results, even though I feel crappy. I am starting to lose inches, which is the real test of weight loss. I have been measuring my self and I am down about 1" on all major parts. I need to lose 2" more inches to be at my target weight. This is a good start, and yesterday, I was able to fit into my size 8 slacks for the first time in over a year. I am still a size 10-12 on bottom and a L on top.  My natural size is a 4-6, so for me, being a 12 is very uncomfortable.

I think the worst thing is being out of breath during normal activity. This has been my issue for the past couple years. Yesterday, I had to walk up 4 flights of stairs and it about killed me. I have never been super athletic. I was average-fit -- able to do most things I wanted to do without being winded. My fitness goal is to get back to that point. I don't want to be tired anymore, and I don't want to have this winded feeling. I want to be able to carry packages, lift boxes, and go hiking -- just normal activity -- without feeling like I am going to pass out.

Lord willing, I will start adding some more activity to my routine in the coming weeks. Right now, I am focusing on the THREE W'S -- weight loss, walking and water. Once I get a little of this weight off, I will start to add in some weight training to boost my strength. I am already walking, and with more consistent water use, I think I will start to feel better very soon. God be praised!

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