October 4, 2013

The Waiting Game

Second interview went well, I think. I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with the HR person. She asked traditional behavioral questions, and I did my usual thing (which is to be wordy). I am not sure whether she got what she wanted from me or not. Oh well...It is how I handle these kinds of situations.

I asked about next steps, and she said that they were just starting the hiring process. She said that she had to speak with the hiring manager, and that if I was selected to move one, I would have to interview with the VP. Not sure what that means, but there you go. She said not to expect anything this week (it is Friday, after all), and that they would be in touch.

Ok, so there you have it. Now it is a matter of waiting this one out, and seeing what comes out in the wash (so to speak). I believe this is the job for me, but these folks have to agree on that point. Hopefully, this will be the case. Until then, I am just waiting.

On Other News

I got another boatload of essays to grade for Psychology. I was told last time that I would be grading one time only, and that I wouldn't be asked to do it again. Ha! I really cannot grade another 40 essays for this teacher. I have my own work to grade and my doctoral papers to finish. I am not a happy camper about this, and I do feel that GCU is taking advantage of me.

The more they load on me (me only -- no one else is doing this extra work), the more I am wanting to walk away with a "see ya" attitude. I am praying I hear on this other job soon. If not, then I will have to grade these papers, and try and balance the little time I have for my own studies. It is not a good thing, IMHO.

I am trusting the Lord. He knows me best, and He is my manager, so to speak. I will wait on His deliverance to set me free from this situation. Until He moves, I am to wait here and be patient.

Diet and Lifestyle Plan

It has been one month since I started a new lifestyle plan. I have had very good success so far, and I am feeling better (generally speaking). The first three weeks, I went low-carb. I lost 10 pounds, but I had the typical low-carb side effects (weird pee smell, light headedness, constipation, etc.) I am now down to 157. My target goal is 145 (12 more to go), and my goal date is still the end of the year.

I started on a new plan today, really the original plan, but less restrictive. I am now on a high fiber diet (to aid my constipation), and eating natural/organic produce and lean meats. I am still low on dairy due to some lactose intolerance, and I am choosing whole organic breads, pastas, etc. instead of anything enriched or bleached. I am no sugar still, and no carbonated beverages.

The plan now is to create a healthy eating lifestyle where I can eat what I want, the the amount I want without having to diet. Portion control is still key as is eating six small meals a day. I am also drinking between 48-88 oz of water each day plus one cup of coffee in the morning.

So far I have not struggled to get off the cakes, cookies, candies or the sugar. It was hard to go without the diet drinks, but after 3-4 days, I was fine.

Atkins was a good start, but restrictive. It worked well for me, and I was rarely hungry. I just got burnt out on all the protein. Ugh! I need to eat normal foods, muffins, and all-natural snacks -- I need a regular meal plan because I cannot live such a limited life.

I guess I will be following weight watchers now. I mean as far as the portion control goes. I will eat on a small plate and remember that the bulk of my food choices are to come from fruits and vegetables. Smaller portions of grains and meats.

It is nice to fit into clothes I haven't worn in 2 years, and I bought a pair of size 10 jeans (whoo hoo!) for the first time in probably 2-3 years. I love the fact that my tummy is not distended anymore, and that my hips/thighs/waist, and breasts have shrunk about an inch so far. It is good to see my old body come back to me. Now I need to stick with this plan, and get down to the weight I need to be at, and then I am good. God is so very good to me, so very good to me!

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