October 8, 2013


Good news! I received an email yesterday asking me to complete the background check information for this new job. I completed the required paperwork yesterday, and now I am back to waiting again. This time, though, it is a good wait. I don't anticipate any issues with my background check (nothing has come up before, so I doubt it will now), and I feel confident that I will get an offer very soon.

I am tired, very tired, from school and work. I really need a short break, so if I get the offer soon, I am planning on taking a week off before I start this new position. I need to rest and to be refreshed so I can start this new job on a good footing. I am excited about working for this company, and for the opportunities that are possible. I am dreading the drive, though, which will take me  a good 30 minutes each way. However, the income should offset everything, and I should be able to take advantage of the quiet time in the car to relax and get prepared for each day. It will be OK, and I think it is a good thing.

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