December 10, 2013

Chex Mix

Yum! I love the smell of Chex Mix! I love eating Chex Mix! I am not sure why I only make this goodie at Christmas but I do. I will go all year long and not think about making it, and as soon as Thanksgiving is near, I get a hankering for it. This is my second/third batch this season. I made the first batch the old fashioned way, using the oven to ensure a good solid toasting. This time I popped it into the microwave oven. I know -- all those microwaves -- oh well! In 5 minutes I had two tubs full and now I am a very happy camper!!

Today is one of "those" days. I slept in until 7:30 a.m. (hooray!), and I didn't get out of my PJs until well on 11 o'clock. It was so nice to rest and to enjoy the morning. I had two cups of coffee (in my Keurig), and I leisurely read my emails and Facebook. Once I put myself to dressing, I got ready, and then decided to stay home (LOL!) Now I am blogging, smelling the wonderful Chex Mix smell waif through the house, and thinking that it is a good day, a very good day!

I had the strangest dream last night. In fact, I have had two very odd dreams (in a row). I haven't had any dreams for about a month or so (probably longer). I am a dreamer, a vivid dreamer, so it does seem odd that there have been no dreams to speak of over the last couple months. I am sure I had a couple in there, but I don't remember what they were about or even if I had them.

Last night (er, early this am), I had a really weird dream (dream 2 of 2). I was at my old house in San Jose. I lived in that home for about six years before moving here to Arizona. It was a wicked house, and I mean that honestly. I had more nightmares in that home than at any other time in my life. It was a place that had bad memories, and for whatever reason, I felt unwell there. I was glad to leave that home, and I do wish the people who bought it are doing OK. However, my dreams sometimes take me back there to that house. 

In the dream last night, I was standing in the kitchen and I was looking out toward the garage. The door from the kitchen led out to the garage. Our washer and dryer were in the garage along with a boat load of stuff (junk mostly) and our cat litter boxes. When we lived in that house, we had six cats. The litter boxes were out by the garage door (at the front of the house). Anyhoo, I was in the kitchen. The house was empty, like it had been vacated. The kitchen was blue, the color of the wall paper that we used to have in the dining nook area. I remember thinking that it was strange for me to be back in this house. I thought about my cats for a moment, and I walked out to the garage. I saw a couple cats out there, but they weren't my cats. They were colored differently, and there was one that was orange tabby colored. I remember thinking that I had an orange tabby cat when I was a child. This cat was big and fluffy. 

As I looked toward the middle of the room, I saw a litter box filled with flour (or some white stuff). It wasn't litter, the clay kind, I use. I thought that it was strange that my Mom had put flour in the litter box. As I looked into the box, I thought I needed to clean it out so that the cats would have a proper place to do their business. With that thought, the big orange tabby jumped into the box and started to do its business. It seemed to strain a lot, and then passed fur. Not that this is weird -- I mean -- I have had cats for over 40 years so I am used to seeing poop, pee, and often fur balls. Well, the cat pushed and out came a kitten. I thought the kitten was dead, still born. I wanted to make sure the kitten was not dead so I picked it up and started to rub it. The kitten was a live, and I rubbed it to make sure it would breathe on its own. As I turned around, I saw my former husband standing there, and I lifted the kitten up to him to show him what I found. Then I woke up.

The earlier dream (dream 1 of 2) must have taken place in the middle of the night. I remember it well, but I have no clue as to what it may mean. I was in my house in San Jose, not the one I lived in as a married person, but the one I lived in from age 15-21. I was in my parents house in San Jose, but they were not there. I was in my old bedroom, and I woke up to find strange people there. I remember asking them why they were there, and they said they were there to tell me what to do. I asked where my parents were but they didn't answer me. I got dressed for work, and I walked outside to the garage. I looked for my car but it was missing from the driveway. I asked if my Mom had left her car for me to get to work, and they said no. I then looked down the street, to the court at the end of our street. I saw my car sitting in the middle of the court. It looked normal from the front of it, but when I ran down there to push it back home, I realized that it was all torn up inside. It was my little blue Triumph Spitfire, but it had a ragged torn top, and the inside was all ruined. I remember thinking how upset I was that someone had taken my car and ruined it this way. What was more, they had moved my car away from my parents house and left it to rot in the middle of the street. I pushed the car home, and then I woke up.

After I wrote out my dreams from last night, I remembered that I had a dream the night before as well. That dream was a bit scary for me, but I think in the end, good triumphed over evil. In that dream, I was working in a tall office building. I was in an office surrounded by other offices. There were many people working, just doing what office people do. Then all of a sudden, this helicopter came along side the building and hovered at the side. It was a military helicopter and the men in it had guns trained on the sides of the building. I remember seeing everyone run toward the inside of the building (into interior rooms). Then I saw that some people were closing the blinds on the windows so that the helicopter men couldn't see in to where they were hiding. I remember going into an internal room where I saw that there was a hatchway in the corner. It was like a floor tile that could be lifted up. The tile was lifted up and I was helping people escape into the room below. The room below had the same hatchway, and it was like stair stepping down through the building to escape this helicopter which was hovering along the side of the building. At one point, the helicopter was joined by a second helicopter and they both were looking at the building, almost trying to spot people and keep them from moving. The helicopters didn't fire at the people, but they did intimidate them. Some of the people were afraid to run or to go through the hatchway to escape out. After some time, the group of people I was helping got to the point where they could run down the stairs to the bottom floor. Once they got to the bottom floor, they ran out of the building and across a parking lot to where there was a mall (or what looked like a mall). I can remember thinking that the mall might be safe, but I wasn't sure whether the people would make it across the parking lot. All I could think of at that time was that these helicopter people were just looking, just hanging out in the sky, looking at the people in this building. They had guns and they were dressed in flak gear. They were definitely on the offense. I don't know why I dreamed that dream. I woke up at some point after the people were safely hidden inside the mall. 

So what does it all mean? Perhaps it means I have been drinking too much coffee late in the evening? LOL! Perhaps they are random memories mish-mashed together into a storyboard of sorts in my head. I don't really know the truth. I just know that sometimes I have these weird dreams and they do have meaning. Sometimes, though, they are just random thoughts with no point to them.

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