December 16, 2013

Setting Goals for 2014

It's 11:17 a.m. and I am still in my PJs this morning! Oh, how I love being home again!! It has been a long time since I had the freedom to lounge around in the mornings. I have missed the blessing of being home. Don't get me wrong -- God has been so gracious to provide full-time work to me. In fact, I can remember how I blogged about looking for full-time work back in 2010. I was desperate for full-time work, and I needed to find a job (I was at Macy's then). It seems like a life-time ago when I was living in my own home, on the brink of divorce, and looking for work. I had just started my Masters program and I needed to work so I could keep the house. In the end, the house was sold (foreclosed), and I moved out on my own. It was so long ago, and so much has happened since that time.
  • I left my home - shared for almost 12 years with my husband and son
  • I rented my first place (on my own) - never having had an apartment or anything that was mine (I moved from my parents house to the apartment I shared with my husband)
  • I worked part-time, earning my own income in over 30 years
  • I found full-time work (UOPX) and earned a full salary with benefits - the first since I worked at NuTech in 1982
  • I bought my first car, newer used car -- using my own money -- since 1981
  • I started to play the cello (2009) and upgraded to a better cello in 2012
  • I started and I graduated from a Masters program (English Literature)
  • I left UOPX and started at CVS Caremark
  • I left CVS Caremark for Grand Canyon University
  • I left Grand Canyon for Nursewise
  • I left Nursewise for Grand Canyon (now staying put)
  • I moved back home with my parents (2013)
I am now employed as an adjunct Literature teacher, and I am working on my PhD. I hope to be a full professor (Assistant, but full contract) when I graduate in 2017. I have made up my mind that this is the path I am on, and that this is the path I am staying on. I will teach English Literature, Lord willing, until I retire (age 68?) I will let go of all the other paths and options and accept this as the one that God has provided for me. I am content now. I am happy and I am at rest.

Today I stepped out in faith and I bought a new cello. I have wanted a new cello for a long while but I couldn't afford one. I have had two cellos previously: a Kay cello (about 50 years old) that was a good starter cello. It had horrible sound, but it was very easy to play. I played it from 2009-2012. I then took my teachers old cello (a Cremona) that needed some setup work in 2012 and paid $250 to get it fixed. It had cracks in the body, poorly designed fingerboard, and a rattle in the peg. However, it played better than my Kay, and it had a richer sound. The downside was that it was difficult to play -- difficult is probably not the best word to describe it -- because the truth is that it was nearly impossible to play.

I checked out a nice Yuan Qin cello at Southwest Strings in Tucson a couple weeks ago. It was repaired and being sold for about $650 dollars (a good $2500 cello normally). I emailed to ask about it and the shop dissuaded me from purchasing it. I was disappointed because I thought I could get a better cello for a cheap price (Ha!)

Today, I went to SharMusic and I looked at their instrument rental program. They rent brand new cellos (beginning cellos) for the same cost. I listened to the cello via You Tube and it sounds nice. It is hard to buy a cello off the internet, but I don't have $2-3K to plop down. I am a beginning cellist (formerly advancing/intermediate but not practiced in a while). The cello is hand carved and looks nice. I figure that it is better than what I have and that I can continue to play for a while. The good news is that after 6-9 payments, I can pay 50% of the balance and own it. It is only $750 dollars -- which is a pretty cheap cello. However, given that I am an adult cellist with a limited budget, I am hopeful that it will serve me well for a long time. If I decide to trade it in at any point, I can do that, but more than likely I will keep it. My Cremona cello is going to my son, who if anyone can play a difficult instrument, he can.

My cello teacher said yesterday that perhaps Santa would bring me a new cello for Christmas. I laughed and said that I didn't think he could do that since it would be a stretch to get one now (finance wise). Well, LOL! She will be pleased when we meet next year (I won't have it for Sunday's Christmas party), but it should be here by the end of next week. I will have it for January when we start chamber practice again. If anything it just means that I will have something lovely to play on and that should help me schedule the time to play it every day. God is so very good to me, so very good to me.

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