January 5, 2014

Day Five - Voila!

Well, I have to say that I am pleased with my progress thus far. I have posted my reading schedule online along with a few extra resources for the students to read over the next two weeks. I also have two weeks of defined lesson plans written out (detailed). Now I have to create the Prezi for each lesson, but that is the easy part. I have the handouts ready to go, the discussion starters set, etc. Everything seems to be in order, and I am so relieved. Tomorrow will be here before you know it, and I am excited about starting my new career as a teacher. I am hopeful that the day will go well for me (I know it will).

My classes at Regent are difficult as usual, but I am confident that the Lord will keep me in good stead as I focus on Regent, and pursue this opportunity in teaching college English.

Thank you, Lord, for your provision of good work. I thank you for the plans you have for me, and for the grace that you provide to enable me to accomplish everything you desire. Fill me now with the discipline to create my presentations, and then give me rest as I enjoy the evening. In Jesus' name I pray this now. Selah!

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