January 18, 2014

Lab 1 is in the Bag!

As usual, I waited to the very last moment to complete my statistics lab exercises for the week. I am not a math-y person, and the last math course I took was back in 1993. I passed with an A+ thanks to a very innovative and interesting Chinese professor from Stanford. I say that last part because I still wonder if his teaching style was representative of how Chinese students learn math. This young man was interesting to listen to and explained concepts so easily. I have never had a math class like his before and I did really well in it. Sometimes I think that I might have chosen a computer science field if I would have had teachers who made the content so exciting and used real-world application. This professor did that and I sailed through his course with ease (yes, I did a lot of home work and it wasn't a gimme -- it took a lot of study and memorization -- but it was worth it). Long digression from my point about statistics, but there you go! It is Saturday after all and I am glad for the day and for the fact that I have four days off (no school on Monday). God is good, so very good!

Back to my statistics course (ugh!). The class I am taking is called COM 702 Communication Research: Quantitative Methodologies. The course description states, "The course is designed to provide knowledge of social science research methods and statistical analysis." I don't know why I panicked when I first heard that I was required to take this class. Perhaps it was because the students who came into my doctoral program last summer made it seem like it was the most difficult class they had ever taken. My mind was incited to believe that it would be like sophomore Algebra II where I sat with absolutely no clue as to what I was doing, sweating bullets that I would be called to the blackboard/whiteboard to demonstrate some problem set. So far, I have been pleasantly surprised by the content of the course. In fact, I think I might enjoy this class (gulp!). I am thinking that I might actually like collecting data and then analyzing it for research (second big gulp!) Oh my, can I really say that this is so...?

A second digression...

The lab exercise last night was not difficult. It was a little frustrating because the instructions didn't match to the new version of IBM® SPSS® Statistics 22. Once I got the software up and running, and then imported the data file, I was stumped as to what to do with it all. The lab instructions assumed I knew what to do, but clearly had some steps missing. Thanks to one of my colleagues,  I was able to finally get to the meat of the exercise, and then answer the lab questions.

I am blessed to have some wonderful colleagues who have a statistical mindset and with whom I can run to with questions. They are great at responding and are so willing to help out. I am blessed, so very blessed to be in this doctoral program at Regent. God impressed on my heart that Regent was where he wanted me to attend. I waffled for so long, but am I glad I listened to His Holy Spirit in the end. I could imagine myself right now in another program, a program where everyone was out for their own well-being. If I needed help, I would be on my own. Instead, I am surrounded by people who love God, and who love research. We share, we help, we pray...we are open to others and as such we are journeying together. It is good, so amazingly good.

Plans for the Day

I don't really have any plans other than to complete my second DQ for my COM 785 Seminar - Family Communication in the Digital Age. Once that is done, then I am set for the entire weekend. I will need to design my next two weeks of lessons for my Short Story class at GCU. Other than that, and some cello practice, I have the weekend (long) to relax and to enjoy with my family. God is so very good, so very good all the time!

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