January 28, 2014

Moving Ahead with Plans

It is Tuesday, and I am so excited. I woke up early today, but not of my own accord. The gardener was blowing leaves next to my bedroom window at 7:30. I was fortunate to be able to fall back to sleep again, and as such, I spent in until 10:30 (whoohoo!) Since getting up, I have lazed about, had my cup of coffee, some toast, and I am now thinking about a shower (LOL!) It is 11:45 and I am just thinking about getting dressed. I love the fact that I have two days off each week. I love having T-TR off. I get to rest, sleep in, catch up on school work, and generally just relax. God is so good to me, so very good to me.

Today is a good day, a very good day. I am working at home, planning on getting my school work caught up, and taking my time to enjoy these good days. The weather outside is lovely, typical January in Phoenix weather. It is in the low to mid 70s and the sun is shining. Phoenix is lovely in the springtime.

I am thinking about where I might eventually move to when I graduate from Regent University. I have a lot of options out there, Lord willing (meaning depending on where He opens up the door). I have been thinking about Virginia recently (well, since I visited there last summer). I have to admit it is a lovely place to visit. The weather has been stormy, cold and snowy, which is not their normal. I think they do get snow, depending on where you live (mountains versus ocean), but the weather is variable. This year they have had a lot of snow. Still, I think it is a beautiful place, and the people I have met who live there are so genuine and nice. Just nice.

God may choose to move me to another state and that is OK. Right now, I am content to be where I am. I have a nice place to live, a good teaching job, and the freedom to complete my education in peace (less stress). I need more work, of course, and I need to make more money. I am OK for now, but I need to get a full-time teaching job soon. GCU wants me to be evaluated before they will assign me fall classes, and depending on when that happens, it could lessen my teaching load next fall. I am trusting the Lord for His provision and I believe He will provide a job for me soon.

I like teaching. I stress over it a bit, but generally, I do like it. I am hopeful that God will continue to allow me to teach because of all the jobs I have had, it is the least stressful for me. It takes a lot of time to prep for classes, and I get nervous in the classroom, but generally the work is easy once I get in there. There is no policy issues, no drama queens, and no backbiting. I go to school, teach my class, and I go home. I love it. I love it.

I realize that a full-time position might be different. I get that, and I am OK with it. For now, God has provided this good part time job and I am thankful.

I applied for several jobs yesterday. Most were adjunct. I applied for one full-time job here in Phoenix. It is through Anthem College. They are looking for general education teachers at their Phoenix campuses. I am not sure whether I want to go that route. I would rather stay in a university or community college setting, but I am willing to teach where ever I can get a job doing it. God knows what is best, so I cast my net out there, and I believe He will pull in the fish of His choosing.

Thinking Forward and Moving Ahead

As I sit here typing, I am reminded of God's will for my life, and the plans He has laid out for me to follow. I know that many Christians go through life never knowing what God wants them to do, or if they do know, they don't always know the plan He has in mind for them. I am fortunate because I feel compelled to walk in a certain way, to go a certain way, and for me, I believe that I know these plans. I am experiencing positive results from my actions, and I am blessed beyond measure. I believe I am reaping the blessing of sowing obedience (if that makes sense?)

As I move forward toward the calling I have been giving, I am encountering struggle and some obstacles. God has provided a clear way for me, but I am running into hurdles that cause me to stop and question the path I am on. I know that these hurdles are tests of faith -- will I continue one, will I follow? I am keeping my eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, and I am trusting Him to lead me straight on through to the finish line. I know He is my Guide, and that as long as I remain fixed upon Him, I will not get lost, get on the wrong path, or head the wrong way. He is good like that. He is good all the time.

Where do I go from here, then? Well, for now I am fixed on this path:

This is my path. I am teaching part-time now, but with experience and my PhD, I hope to be teaching full-time as a Professor (2016 or thereafter). I am working as a Media and Technology consultant (on my own), but hope to start providing this service to churches in the area soon. With my PhD emphasis in Digital Technology, I will be ready to be a full-time consultant in ministry by the time I retire (after age 62). This is the plan I believe God has in mind for me. I have been on this path since He called to me again in 2009. I started this path back then when my world was turned upside down. He gave me Mercy College (English) to help me get a teaching job (I am teaching Literature now). He also gave me that experience to encourage me to keep moving on in my education. I wouldn't be where I am today without having gone through Mercy. Rigorous and challenging, it prepared me for scholarship and the kind of study I am engaged in at Regent. God is so very good, so very good all the time.

I am excited today because I can see my life in clear focus and I can rest in the knowledge that God is moving on my behalf. He is opening doors, and making a way for me to go. I must trust Him now and rest in His provision. He will do it. He has promised. He will deliver. I believe Him. I believe His word to me is true.

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