March 6, 2014


Happy Thursday! It is a cloudy day in Phoenix. Usually our March weather is sunny and warm (low 80s) with very little chance of clouds or rain. Today is atypical of March, but it is sure a nice change. I like the overcast sky, and I like to see a bit of gray every now and then. I know that friends and family in the Midwest and back East would say the exact opposite. This winter has been brutal on them, and they are tired of the clouds, gray sky, and snow!

Still, I am pensive today, and gray skies suit me. I think about what I need to accomplish today, the tasks at hand, and how I am going to partition my day. It is 10:30, and I have managed to crawl out of bed, get a cup of coffee, read the news, fix breakfast, and update my Facebook status. Good day so far? I think so.

I was able to finish my Family Communication seminar paper -- squeaking in under the wire -- last night. I poured everything I had into that paper, which was a whole lot of the Lord, and a not a whole lot of me! I wrote what I felt He wanted me to write. I pray it is received in that same spirit, and that the Lord will give me favor with my Professor and classmates. I am stressed a bit still, worried that I didn't do the assignment correctly. I know He has me covered today, and I know that I can rest. I am choosing to rest today. Choosing to be blessed. Choosing to let go, and let Him be.

I've got a lot of my plate, but this paper is no longer hanging over me (PTL!) I am able to focus now on my research project, my research survey, and my statistical analysis. I am good. God is Good. I know He has all this well in hand (His hand!)

Today looks like a good day to rest. I do need to complete the following items:
  • Finish up the HTML email for church (uploading content so they can email it out to members)
  • Upload and install the new template I created for church (probably not until next week)
  • Create my online survey so that I can start to hand out that URL
  • Submit my IRB with survey for approval
  • Complete my Family COM DQ for last week (due by 3/12)
  • Respond to my colleagues papers (due by 3/16)
I am not sure how much of that I will accomplish today. At the minimum, I need to do the survey and submit it for approval. The rest can wait until another day.

As I consider this day and I think about all that the Lord has done for me -- carrying me through this major paper, providing enough time to complete it, managing my stress over teaching, etc. -- I cannot help but lift up all the praise to Him. I give Him all the praise this day. He has done this for me. He has seen me through it, and I am blessed. I am so very blessed.

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