March 22, 2014

Making Amends and Heading Back Down the Road

I found this picture online today and I thought it was the perfect fit for my emotional and mental status. I feel like this picture symbolizes my life right now. I am walking down a road, walking toward the SON, and I am trying to stay focused and not lose sight of my final destination. As I walk on, I see the center dividing line and it reminds me that it is there to guide me and keep me centered, in the middle of the road. I stop frequently, just to rest, but then I pick myself back up and I walk on. The road is my journey, it is the path that leads me toward heaven and my eternal Home.

Today, I am back on that road, walking on toward my destination, and I am encouraged by the fact that I am moving again, moving forward. These past couple weeks I have felt like I was sidelined, sitting on the side of the road, waiting for something or someone. Today, I am moving, and it feels good. I am glad I am moving on, walking on, and I am heading in the right direction.

A good friend of mine said something to me yesterday, and her words impressed the truth on my heart. I love it when a good friend says the right thing at the right moment. It can mean so much to you, to encourage you, to build you up, and to give you hope. I was feeling down. I was depressed over my situation, and I was thinking that perhaps I was doing the wrong thing, that I was off the mark. I was overwhelmed by my circumstances, and I felt almost like I was lost, just for a time, just for a moment.

Then her words came, and as I sat and thought about them, I realized that they were the very thing I was waiting to hear, the words that I needed to get myself up and moving again. I was encouraged, and I was ready to start walking. God is good that way. He is so very good to us. He knows that we need friends who will love us and lift us up when we cannot lift ourselves up. Sometimes we are in out of reach places, sometimes we are in places of our own making, and sometimes we are alone and need someone to stay with us, sit with us, in the place until we are ready, until we are rested, and until we are restored.

This was the way it was with me. I was sitting in a place of my own choosing, and I was not very happy about that fact. I felt that I was stuck, and I was all alone. Then my friend came and sat beside me for a short while. She reminded me of what God is doing in me and through me and in a moment, I realized that she was right. Her words soothed my troubled soul, and I picked myself up, and I started walking again!

God has given me favor, there is no getting around that fact. Some Christians might not think that way. They might feel that God gives His general favor as part of His Grace. They might not think that His favor rests specifically on individuals, unless you count the folks in the old and new Testaments. Yet, I believe that God does give us favor, the all-around Grace type, and He gives us individual favor to help us do His will. I am speaking of the latter, the kind of favor that is linked to His will for us.

I pray for His favor every day. I want to have His blessing on my life, and to know that whatever my hand touches will be blessed with that favor. Oh yes, may it be so! Always be so!

My friend just said something to me that struck me as interesting (sort of one of those funny, but not ha ha moments). She said that she was impressed with the way that doors seemed to open for me. That was it, not more than that little statement, but it was enough to get me thinking about her words. Yes, I thought, "you are right, God has given me favor with opportunities." Then as I sat and thought more deeply about it, I began to see the truth in her words. I have been the recipient of great favor, especially during the past couple months. If I think back on it, I can say that His favor has rested upon me for a number of years now. I can see the details, the days, and the dates when I have received some blessing, some news, or some opportunity out of the blue. I have experienced times when I have thought "Oh, I have blown this so badly" only to find that the person or persons didn't see it that way at all. I have gone to interviews where I had a conversation that didn't seem very good at all. Yet, I have been called back to later find out that the conversation was powerful, influential, and impressive. Not on my account I say, not through my efforts. This is true, so very true. God has done this through me and because He is with me, and working in me, He does these things, these amazing things through me. I am blessed. I am favored. I am in awe of Him. He is good. He is so very good to me.

I stand in awe of Him today and I lift my hands to praise Him because He has given His goodness to me. He has favored me, and I am blessed. My hand is blessed, and I can bless others because of His goodness toward me. I thank Him now, and I praise Him, and I rest in His Name and in His Sufficiency. He is God, and I am not. He is Good, and everything He does is Good. I am blessed. I am so very blessed this day.

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