March 28, 2014

Waiting Patiently on the Lord

I will wait on the Lord. I will wait patiently for the Lord to move me. I will wait for His timing, and for His provision. I will rest in His security. He is my shield, my protector. I will wait upon the Lord for He is my ONLY hope.

God is so very good, so very good. I am praising Him today for His goodness toward me. He is my strong tower, my buckler, and my shield. I rest in Him this day for He is good, so very good.

As I give praise to the Lord, my heart cries out with rejoicing for the Lord has done marvelous things in my life. He has opened doors for me, given me favor, loved me unconditionally, and provided for my every need. He is my King, and I bow before Him today to sing His praises!!

Yesterday, I went to my second interview at Arizona Christian University. It went well, at the least, I think so, and now I wait to hear back if I will be hired as adjunct to teach Communication and English courses in the fall. This is a big open door for me, and it would mean that I would be teaching at two Christian universities (both part-time). This will bring me in more income. It will also help me establish myself as a teacher in both fields (hooray!) I am excited to think that I could be teaching more courses in the fall (I am a little worried about more classes and keeping my grades up in my program, but PTL, I will rest in His ability to manage my time and my course load).

God has been so amazingly wonderful to open the doors to me. He knows me well, and He knows what I can and cannot do. I am excited to think about this new opportunity, and what it might do for me long-term. If anything, it will give me the experience I need to teach Communication, and it will help prepare the way for me to teach in the Communication field (Praise God!) I am so jazzed to think that this is happening in my life, and that I have these "possibilities" to consider. God is so good. He is so very good!
I just prayed, "Lord, you have to provide me with something to do this summer! I won't have any income for summer!" Of course, the Lord knows that school ends for me on 4/27. I will be officially done teaching for the summer. My hope is to have three to four classes scheduled for fall (2 literature courses at GCU and 1 composition class and 1 comm theory class at ACU). This would provide enough income for me to get by (about what I was making at UOPX). I need about $2k per month to cover my current expenses. Teaching four classes will meet that need. I will still need some extra financial aid to cover expenses, but generally speaking, I could live meagerly on this amount of income.

I have asked for a full scholarship to Regent University. I am not sure if I will be considered for it, but it would be a blessing to me, should I be considered for any amount that reduces my financial aid burden. Right now, I am approved for student loans again. I can take this money and live off it, like I did when I was working part-time through my masters program. I don't want to do that. In fact, I really don't want to take any financial aid money at all. I am OK with taking a bit to cover my summer travel to Regent, hotels, cars, and food, etc. I would rather not have to take any more loans for the year, if possible.

I have had to let this go, and let the Lord provide for me. I cannot worry about it or think about it because then I get stressed and I start to fixate on the money and not the grace the Lord has provided for me to get through the course work. He knows my needs. He will provide.

So back to summer needs. Right now, I will finish at GCU the end of April. This leaves me with May-mid August with no income or work. I am OK with the latter, in fact, I would love to have 3.5 months off! WHOOHOO! However, I cannot help but think how I will pay my bills (my car payment especially). I need an influx of cash to keep me steady over the summer. I am asking the Lord to provide for summer, in whatever way He sees fit. I am open to working part-time, even doing sales work, if need be, just to help pay the bills. The Lord knows me and He knows what I am able to do. He also knows that a long rest would do me good. He knows that I really want to stay home, rest, and spend the summer off.

As I consider the Lord and the way He works (miracles of miracles), I know that He has me covered. He tells me as much, and He provides for me. I have never been without money. I have never been behind on my bills. He knows how hard I have worked to recover my credit, and to establish myself as credit-worthy. I believe He will provide, and I rest in the knowledge that He is God, and He is able to provide for each and every single need. God is good. So very, very good.
Lord, you know my needs. You know how very much I would like to teach at ACU, but I am afraid to do so. You know that this is a unique opportunity for me, and that I can grow here. You know that Dr. Creasman would be a great boss, and that He would encourage me in my dissertation and with my studies. I believe Lord that you opened this door for me, and that you will give me favor and blessing with the staff and the decision making process. You are able to convince them that they need to hire me. You are able to tell them just how much you want this job for me. I ask that you go before me, and that you make this way smooth.

Secondly, Lord, I ask that you provide something for me to do this summer. Whether I am to work part-time teaching online or whether I am to rest, I ask that you determine what is best for me. I want to lose the weight, to get in shape, and to recover from the years of stress. Resting physically is a blessing, and I long for it. I also like to work, and I enjoy working and earning money. I ask that you open a door for me to do both, to rest and to work, so that I can be refreshed when my schooling at Regent and my teaching positions begin in August. I am trusting you to manage the details, to provide what is needed, and to take me to the place (physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally) so I can do your work, for your Name, and to bring you Glory.

I ask all of this in your mighty and merciful NAME. Your Name is great, and you are GREATLY to be praised. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!

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