April 2, 2014

Good News!

I've got good news and I reason to celebrate today! I just received an email from ACU saying that they would like to bring me on as adjunct teaching staff in their COM and ENG departments! Hooray! I am so blessed!! This means that I will for certain have two courses at ACU in the fall (two COM or one COM/one ENG). Extra income, check! Teaching in my new field, check! God is so very good to me, so very good!

I should have confirmation on the contracts by May (PTL!), and that means that I will be set to teach MWFs. I won't know what classes GCU will have for me to teach, but I am thinking perhaps the Novel and maybe an COMP class. I would like to have two at each school, which would bump my income up nicely. If I can only teach three this fall, that is fine too. I am open to a very flexible schedule.

ACU would like me to teach Intro to COM as well as Public Speaking or English Composition. I said I wanted the Intro to COM class, but that I would let them decide on the other based on their greatest need. I am OK with either course at this point. God is Good, so very very good!

Whew! Huge weight lifted off my shoulders today. I can see the path before me, and I can see the Lord's work coming to pass in my life. He promised me goodness, and He has delivered on that promise. God is amazing Good -- all the time -- AMAZINGLY GOOD!

So where does that leave me?


Well, I think I am well set on my way to teaching full-time (at some point). God has promised me a full-time teaching job, but not yet (so He says). I know this is the case because truthfully I couldn't handle the full-time responsibilities (committee meetings, extra activities, etc.) and complete my doctoral course load. While I hate not having the steady income, I know that adjunct is where I need to be for now, for a short time, until I am further along in my program.


I am steadily building skill in media communications ministry. At present, I am helping my church with their website, and serving as part of a communications team to plan events, create graphics, etc. for the church. I am happy to help in this area, and I am glad that the church can use my professional experience to help them minister to others in our local community.


I think this is the one area that still a big hole for me. I am living as a single woman (with my parents), but still married to my husband of almost 30 years. We have lived a part from each other since late 2011. He asked me to think about divorce last summer, but he never did anything to start the process. I have the forms on my computer, partially filled out. I am still waiting for him to make the next move. I don't see any chance of reconciliation and restoration at this point. He has moved on with his life, and from the status of my blog, clearly the Lord has been moving me in a different direction. God is not moving us closer together, but farther apart. As I lay my life down to serve the Lord, He moves me closer and closer to His work, full-time ministry work. I am not doing this, I cannot do this, but He is the one who opens these doors, gives me the favor in interviewing, and moves people and resources in ways to support His work. It is a miracle to see, and I know that the Lord is doing His will in my life. But what do I do about the ending of my marriage? Right now, I believe this is to be a fact: my marriage is over. I have let it go, and I have laid the ending at the Lord's feet. I am trusting Him and His timing on all things. He will do what needs to be done, and I can rest in His knowledge of events, of circumstances, and of outcomes.

As I look forward to today and tomorrow, one thing is for certain: the Lord is with me. He is my tower of refuge and strength. He keeps me safe, He shelters me, and He provides for me. I can rest in Him because He is my everything, my absolute everything.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for this teaching opportunity at ACU. I know this is of your doing, you made this happen for me, and I am blessed by your mercy and kindness. I ask now that you would go before me in all things, that you would open doors that need to be opened, and close doors that need to be closed. I am ready to let go of everything, and follow you completely. I rest in your care, in your sufficiency, and in your presence. May my lips praise your NAME today and forever more. Amen, so be it, thy will be done. Selah! Pause and Calmly think about that!!

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