April 11, 2014

Loving the Lord!

 WOW! What a great day today! First of all, I got my paper back on my creative storytelling project and I got an A. Hooray! I was so concerned about that grade, but I am glad that I did well. I am hopeful that my professor will give me a solid A for the class (sweet!)

Secondly, I found out that my other professor is letting us take the final exam as open book/notes, and is giving us an extra 30 minutes to complete the online test. Furthermore, he is offering 30 points extra credit for anyone who wants to participate in a lab that he is doing for research (sweet!)

My grade in advanced statistics is holding a 97.5%. I have one final lab to turn in (should be 30/30), and a very difficult quiz (hoping for 74 or 75/75) to turn in tomorrow. I know I will get full participation points so the only UNKNOWN is my final research paper and the exam. I am forming a study group with four other gals and we are hopeful that we will do well on it. God is so good. He knows how worried I was about my paper (original research), and about this exam. The extra credit points will help keep my grade above 96%. This means that I will keep my 4.0 GPA and that helps me keep my scholarship for fall/spring.

Furthermore, my class at GCU is wrapping up, and generally my experience there has been positive. I love my students. They are awesome, and I am so blessed to have been able to spend time with them this semester. I will miss them all, and I wish them all the best of success in their life and school endeavors!

I am excited about the opportunity to teach at Arizona Christian, and I look forward to meeting new students, especially freshman! Oh how I love freshman, and I looked forward to being able to mentor and speak truth into their lives. God is so good to provide such valuable, genuine, and influential work to me. I love what He is doing in my life, and I get up each day thinking that the IMPOSSIBLE HAS HAPPENED, THE UNEXPECTED HAS BEEN REVEALED, AND THE UNTHINKABLE MADE REAL. God is so amazing, and I stand in awe of Him this day!!

As I consider the way my life is headed, I am filled with such excitement, and I am fueled by expectancy. I think about where my life was almost three years ago. I was in the midst of being crushed by the realization that my husband no longer loved me and no longer wanted to remained married to me. I was trying to trust the Lord, to figure out how I would live my life without my husband. I was overwhelmed by the responsibilities I held in my hand. I was trying to balance life, work, school, and still be primary care giver for my then 18 year old son. I was balancing so many irons in the fire that I thought I was going to go under, to sink and not swim.

Yet, the Lord never let go of my hand. He has led me onward and forward each new day. He has asked me to trust Him, to believe His word, and to rest in His care. It wasn't easy nor did I come round to His way quickly. I struggled against His way for a long time, and I thought it was impossible to believe Him, to trust in Him, and to rest. Somehow, miraculously, He showed me how to do it. He gave me the strength to pick up my life, to dust myself off, and to shake off the dirt and move forward. He gave me a place to go, a job to do, and a reason for living. He filled my life with purpose, and He has given me direction every day so that I am always moving forward, walking in His way, and accomplishing His will for my life.

The Lord is so good. He is so very good.

At the end of this month, I will have successfully completed one full year of my doctoral program. I will be a 2nd Year student, and I will begin to transition to scholarship and begin to prepare for dissertation research. I will also have completed my first semester teaching college Literature courses. I will begin teaching a full-load in the fall (at two Universities), and I will be on the way to becoming a full-time professor. I will be accomplishing my dream of being a college professor! It has only been 21 years in the making, and for a long time, was believed to be an impossible forgotten dream. Then the Lord gave me hope, renewed my sense of calling, and put me on this path. I am for all intents and purposes a college professor. God is so very good, so very good to me!

Now I begin to look forward to other paths, other plans and other opportunities.  I am excited to think about all that COULD be in my life. For one, I think about the day when I will be offered a full-time teaching contract. I think this may be sooner rather than later. I am excited at the thought of settling down and teaching in one place. I am also excited that I can be a part of a department, to begin teaching as part of a team. I would love this opportunity, and I am trusting the Lord to open the best door for me at this point in my life.

Dear Lord,

I am ready to do your work, Lord. I am ready to begin this work, to do what you are calling me to do, and to be prepared to do it. I ask now that you open a door of opportunity for me, and that you bring this job to pass. I am happy with the chance to teach at ACU, but you know that I would like to be settled, to have salary and benefits. I ask therefore that you would provide this to me, and that you would place it on the hearts and minds of those individuals who need to be moved to hire me full-time. I am ready, and I believe in YOU. I know you will do this through me, and you will never let me down. You are God, and you are great. I love you, Lord, and I sing your praises today and forever more! I ask this in Jesus' Name, Amen!

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