April 26, 2014

Happy Day!

The sun has come back out! It was so nice this morning -- we had rain and wind and more rain! I know, what's the big deal, right? Well, for those of us in the desert, rain is such a big deal. We have so many sunny days, cloudless skies, filled with no rain. I love the clouds, I love the rain, and I love storms! We do have pretty awesome summer storms, but the rest of the year it is "perfect" here. I know a lot of people who have moved here from colder parts and they love the "perfect" weather we have here. I miss the changing seasons, and I miss the variable skies. I love sun too, but it is the same thing day after day after day. LOL!

I spent this morning catching up with email and Facebook posts, and then I took my Mom to the mall so she could find a new top for next week's GFWC International meeting. Mom has been a club member for 14 years, and one of our good friends is being installed as the AZ State President for 2014-15. They have a big meeting here in Phoenix, and Mom is going along with some of her lady friends. Anyhoo, we just about got blown away at the mall. It was so windy out and Mom is getting frail. Thankfully, we got to the car without any incident.

I am back home and now on the computer for a little while. I really want to rest, but one of my colleagues needs my help finishing up her research project. I will probably assist her for a little while, and then take a nice afternoon nap Oh! I love naps -- that is if I can find a quiet spot on the bed! (Picture left - Ike is on top of the covers, and Winston is under them!) The boys tend to take over my bed whenever I get up in the morning. I know I should just move them off the bed, but they are awfully cute when they sleep this way. Plus they give me those big eyes and meows that just melts my heart and makes me relent. I do kick them off the bed during the night -- I make no excuses when it comes to sleeping at night. I own the bed, and they know it! 

On another note, my nephew and his girlfriend are here at the house. Both are students at Grand Canyon University and they are staying with us for a couple nights until they can arrange rides home. GCU lets out early for summer and they make all the kids in the dorms and apartments move out by noon on the last day. 

They are very sweet kids, and it is nice to have them come over. They help my parents with whatever they need, and they always are so polite and kind. My Mom and Dad love the visiting -- I am in my room on the computer being rather anti-social right now. Really, they know where to find me, and they are welcome to come into my room and visit. I just don't want to go sit in the kitchen and talk right now. My brain is so fried from the past couple weeks study that I am finding it difficult to make words, to speak in full sentences, and to be coherent (LOL!)

My nephew lives in So. California and he may not have a ride home next week. I am thinking I might drive him since I do have the week off. I am not sure if I want to spend the money on gas. He has a ride with a friend, but found out that the friend might not have room for him. My brother will buy him a ticket home, but we will see what happens. I am thinking it would be fun to drive over to the beach and see my brother and sister in law (it is about a 6.5 hour drive).

OK, my eyes are getting sleepy and I think I am going to lay my head down for a little nap. We will see if I am able to find room on the bed or not...

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