May 13, 2014


It is a good day to be alive! Praise God, for He is GOOD, and today is His Day! I am thanking the Lord for His Grace and His Provision. I am thanking the Lord for His Mercy, His Kindness, and His Love for me. He is Good, He is Good, He is Good all the time. Praise His Name!

Today, I am feeling like a truck has hit me. Yep, it is the "Atkins Flu" or "low-carb flu," a nest of pesky symptoms that hit during the second/third week of following a low-carb diet. I have had persistent headaches the past couple days. Sunday, I woke up feeling lightheaded. This morning I woke up feeling as if my body had been smashed and worked over roughly. I am definitely in ketosis, which happens once your body starts to burn fat instead of carbs. My body gives off a certain smell when I am in this phase. I am drinking lots of water, which does help, but it is a negative to a positive, if you get what I mean. Being in ketosis simply tells me that my body is doing what it needs to do to burn the extra fat. The offside of that process is an unusually metallic smell. It normally goes away after a short while, and since I am planning on upping my carbs next week, I only have to suffer through this phase for the rest of this week.

I am pleased with my progress thus far. I haven't stepped on the scale yet, but I was down 5 lbs. The scale has stayed stationary the past couple days, but I have noticed great results with my figure. I have lost all those extra curves, and what is showing up underneath, pleases me greatly (LOL!). Plus my working out has helped -- I am already seeing the benefits of my walking/toning regime. I still have quite a ways to go, re: fitness level, but I am on my way to living a more healthy, more vital, and more nutritious way of life. Overall, I am pleased, very pleased!

So what else is new with my life?

Not much, really. My plans today include serving divorce papers on my husband (thankfully, this consists of him picking them up and filing the acceptance paper with the court), taking my application papers to ACU for my fall teaching contracts, returning my son's rented flute to the music store, fixing the audio files for church (for the website), shredding my student papers (from the past semester), and school work (always!) If I feel better, I need to get out and walk today. I didn't do it yesterday because I was feeling weak. We will see how the day goes on that score.

My Mom's 81st birthday is next Monday. I have promised to take her to Flo's for dinner, so I have to plan a little party for her. So far we have dinner at Flo's set. I am thinking we will have pie/ice cream or cake/ice cream at home after we get back from the restaurant. Whatever her pleasure -- I need to plan something for after dinner.

Yep, today is a beautiful day. It is good, and I feel good (well, in a spiritual/mental/emotional way). I believe the Lord, I rest in His Sufficiency, I trust Him to provide for me, and to lead me and guide me in His way and in His will. He knows me best, He loves me completely, and I am living in this GOOD life He has provided to me. I love Him so much, and I lay my life at His feet this day to worship Him and praise Him. Always, my devotion is to Him alone! Praise God for He is GOOD, so very, very GOOD to me!

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