May 29, 2014

Frustration This Morning

I need another reminder of this fact today. God is good. He is good all the time...and all the time, He is Good!

It is difficult living with your parents. My parents are in their early 80s and as such they sometimes get overwhelmed by phishers, schemers, and collectors who call the house asking about other people. My Mom was raised during a time when phones where novel, and where the operator placed calls for you. In fact, in her home town of Meyersdale, PA, the Operator still assisted callers up until the late 1980s. You could call and ask for a person by name and the Operator would connect you to their house.

In rural areas, where both my parents grew up, the phone was a lifeline. It was a connection to help when you needed it. My Mom still uses a landline, even though she does have a cell phone. Her landline is her lifeline, and she is on the phone most mornings from 6-8 am. Because of her phone use, and the way she grew up using the phone, my Mom answers every phone call. She does look at caller ID, but no matter how many times I have told her not to answer calls from people she doesn't know, she still does it. My Dad is better, well if you call being antagonistic to unknown callers "better." Still, I often get handed the phone when Mom gets flustered by the caller like when the caller repeatedly asks for information or when they use a threatening tone. I don't like it, and I get upset when I have to tell the caller to stop calling the number. It frustrates me because it upsets my Mom and the calls usually have nothing at all to do with them or with me.

This morning, we had such a call. The call was for my ex-husband, and it was from a collection agency. The funny thing is that these callers always say that the person they are calling for "gave this number" as a reference. Yeah, lie. I know my ex and he wouldn't have had this number in his phone, and he wouldn't have given it out even if he did have it. I know that this agency is just doing their job, but when they are told "you have the wrong person, the person you are asking for doesn't live at this number, please take this number out of your records" and they do nothing at all -- well -- that just irks me. I know they are fishing for information about my ex. They wanted information on him: a better number to call, his current address, his work place number and address. Yeah, wish I could give that information out, but frankly, I don't have that information.

I did some research on the Internet and found out that secondary calls like the one we received are not fully protected under the Fair Debt Collecting act. We do get some protection in that we can say we don't know the person or the number is incorrect and ask not to be called again. The collector can only ask us once and call us once -- unless -- they think we are lying and then they can call again. I think this is ridiculous. I cannot tell you how many times I have received calls for someone who gave out my cell phone number. I have told that particular agency three times that the person they are calling has not had my phone number (I have had it for four years now). Still, they will call me once a year to ask for Emily Franklin. I am always assured that my number has been taken out of their database. NOT!


OK, enough whining for today.

I am pleased with my progress this week. I have made some headway on my assignments, and PTL, I am in better shape then I thought. I still have quite a bit of reading to finish, but I am closer to getting the big assignments started, and that means, I will have them finished by their due dates! Hooray!

Today's checklist includes:
  • Reading "Digital Ethnography" for my critical book review
  • Writing my book review (3 pages)
  • Beginning my research for my reputation management project
  • Thinking about my proposal -- ethnography (slated for this weekend)
Overall, I am good. I am feeling more confident that I will be ready for modular week, June 9-13th!

I also got an email reply back from GCC. I had sent over an email letting them know that I received the contracts for GCU (well, pending contracts), and that I would not be available to interview next week. I am pleased, really, because GCC is far away for me (35 minutes drive) and I was trying to figure out how I would get from ACU over to GCC in a timely manner. The way my schedule is now, I will have a nice break between classes, and I will still be able to leisurely drive over to GCU (20 minutes) and get to my classes with time to spare. God is good, really, He is so very good.

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