May 30, 2014

Happy Friday! God Is Good!

Woohoo! It is Friday!! I have exactly seven (7) days to finish all my assignments for Regent University. I leave next Saturday (6/7) for VA Beach -- I cannot believe the time has come so quickly. So much has happened in my life over the past six months, I mean, I went from being an Analyst to Instructional Assistant to Instructor. I am now set to teach full-time in the fall -- full-time as a College English and Communications Instructor! I am also a second year doctoral student -- second year! I am about to be divorced (which is not something to celebrate) and be officially single for the first time in 30 years. My life went from being upended to fabulous in a millisecond (well, in five LONG years time). I was in the midst of marital crisis in 2009, unsure of how I would survive as a single person (what kind of work would I do, where would I live, how would I support myself and my son) to being a self-sufficient, financially established, PhD student and College Instructor. I am settled on this path, this very good path, and I am experiencing the favor and blessing of God. His abundant life has come to me, and I am reaping the rewards of sowing faith in His Word. He is Good, so very good. He is GOOD.

I am excited to be traveling to VA again this summer. I love Virginia, and as I have blogged before, I would move there in a heartbeat. I would move to VA and live out the remainder of my days -- it is the most beautiful state, from Blue Ridge mountains to sea shore. I am not sure if this is the Lord's will for my life at this point, but I am open to relocating to beautiful VA should He choose to move me there. Until then, I will stick out the heat in AZ, thankful for this desert place where the Lord has provided abundance for me.

As I consider the next few weeks and months, I see great changes ahead for me. I am confident in the Lord's provision for my finances. He knows my needs, and while I am struggling at the moment (letting go mostly), I rest in His security and wisdom. He is the faithful one, and He is able to provide for my exact needs. Moreover, He is the Lord of all financial wisdom, and He is the creator and generator of wealth. It is not that I am seeking wealth, I just use that term in a general sense. I believe that God is the One who controls my finances. He provides the work I do, and thus, the income I earn is a direct result of His provision and favor. I know that some Christians do not see financial matters this way. Some believe that God is not really interested in wealth-building. The Bible is clear on matters of wealth, and frankly, most of the OT people were wealthy (in land). Yes, the Bible is full of poor people too. Sick and dying people, widows and orphans, and lepers and the outcasts. The Bible covers every situation, every kind of event, and every type of person -- but the fact remains -- that God is the One who provides for them all. He is SOVEREIGN over everything, and that includes finances. I do believe in fiscal integrity, and I do believe in honoring God with everything that He provides. Therefore, the little I have is His. How I use it, spend it, is up to Him. He gives me grace to spend freely, within bounds, and He provides for my needs. I have enough. I would like more, of course, I would like a lot more (to stock up my savings account, my 401K, and my IRA). But, God knows, that I can only earn a teacher's salary, and right now, that is an Adjunct salary (pennies). I know He will provide for me in other ways, and that He has a plan for me now. He knows how much money I need to provide for myself well. He knows how He wants me to live, where He wants me to live, and how much I need to live in His way. I rest in Him. I trust Him for His provision. He is good, so very good.

Flying to VA is expensive. As is renting a car and staying in hotels in the VA Beach area. I have to use my credit cards to pay these costs, and I will not have the money to pay them off until I am working again in the fall. This bothers me, but I know that going to VA each summer is a requirement for my program. I know that it is a cost associated with my doctoral studies, and I have to go, I have to incur the debt to finish this program. I see the results of my work, my studies now, and I know that in time, I will reap the reward of being employed as an Assistant Professor. God will see me through until that day, and He will provide financially for me. I let this go, and I rest in His provision.

I am blessed and highly favored. I love this fact -- the fact that I can say with absolute trust that I am blessed and highly favored. God is a God of GRACE, and His blessing and favor are gifts that He bestows upon His children. To be blessed means that the Grace of God is flowing over your life. To be highly favored means that His provision is exact, it is precise, and that nothing that is needed or required will be withheld. I can rest in this fact, knowing that as a blessed and highly favored child of God, I don't have to panic or stress over the things outside my immediate control. I don't have to wring my hands, cry out, or slide into depression over my finances, my studies, or my circumstances. I am blessed and I am highly favored -- God's hand rests upon my life -- and through His marvelous fingers I see the future He has planned for me. It is awesome, it is amazing, and it too is blessed. I can see where I am going, and I trust in Him to show me the way. I walk on in Faith, and I give Him thanks for the provision of life, of liberty, and of love -- deep love for Him and for others. God is the maker and sustainer of my life, and it is on this GOOD FRIDAY that I give Him all the praise and honor due His magnificent and marvelous NAME.

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