May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there (and of course, to those who happen to read my blog!) Today is a good day to celebrate and to honor the hard work and dedication (not to mention love) of all Mom's.

I love being  Mom! I am blessed to be the Mom of a wonderful son, and I love the fact that I get to celebrate this day each year with him. My beautiful baby boy will turn 21 this year, and that fact is difficult for me to accept. When he was little and his birthday was getting near, I used to tease him and tell him that I would not allow him to be "X" number of years old. He used to laugh at me and tell me that I had no control over it -- he was going to be "X!" I still will say it to him every now and then just to remind him of the fact that he will always be my baby boy. I will always remember his sweet smile, his cheerful heart, and his wonderful little creative spirit. Oh, how I love that boy! I love that boy!

So today is Mother's Day. I don't have plans, per se, but will probably BBQ something on the grill so that my beautiful Mother, doesn't have to cook at all (my Mom turns 81 this month and I think she looks great for her age). I am thinking chicken would be good (fits with my low-carb diet). Of course, we will have baked beans (my special recipe) along with potato salad, deviled eggs, and a good desert of some sort (I need to go get something soon). The day will be low-key since there will be me, my parents, and my son only.

I do have some reading to do today. I have five textbooks that have to be read between now and June 9th. I have been really bad about reading, well sticking to my reading schedule, this week. I much prefer to kick back and just laze about instead of doing school work all the time. I will read today, I will read today (keep saying this, Carol, so that you actually do it!)

Oh, how I would welcome the opportunity to hang out with friends, go some place (any place) and have some fun! I don't mean expensive fun, but just ordinary fun. You know, something different to do so that I am not always sitting in front of the computer. And, going to Walmart or Target is not the fun I mean. I am looking for hanging out, chilling out, kinda fun -- not the solo fun -- but with friends.

I did have a nice dinner with my friend, Holly, last evening. She and I worked together at UOPX and we still get together every so often for breakfast or dinner. It was nice to have someone to chat with over a good meal.

Yes, my boring and lonely life consists of me doing school work, me doing teaching work, and me doing house work. Oy! I need some variety to spice things up, change things around, and give me a good break from the dullness and monotony of being a full-time doctoral student/professor. I am bound and determined to have some fun this summer. I have plans in the works, and I have decided to not let my finances determine my fun. I am going to go where I want to go, and I am going to do what I want to do (well, within reason, of course!) Summer FUN 2014 is in process!!

The good news is that I have my flight scheduled for VA Beach. I need to reserve my hotel room, and rent a car still, but I am on the countdown to Regent residency 2014! Woohoo! I am working hard at my fitness plan and hope to get myself into beach shape by then. If not, I am still hitting the beach this summer. I want to stick my toes in the Atlantic Ocean, and enjoy the warm VA breezes while I read and study and write research papers for my class! LOL!

I am thinking about heading to the Pacific Ocean this summer as well. My brother lives in San Diego, and he wants me to visit him. My other brother lives in Simi Valley (north of LA), and Mom wants to visit to see their new kitchen. My good friend, Heather, lives in La Mirada, and she wants me to visit too. I am thinking a trip west could be beneficial for me, and give me that boost of friend/family/fun time I am so longing for right now.

Other ideas include a trip to San Fransisco. I have been promising DJ that we could take a trip to Northern CA soon. My good friend, Martha, has been asking me to visit for a long time, so that might be fun. We could hang out with her and her hubby, Jay, for the day. I miss SF so much -- I miss the Pier, Fisherman's Wharf, riding the cable cars, Chinatown, and the De Young Museum. It is a great city to visit in the summer time. Gorgeous blue skies and mild days make for the perfect getaway. Plus you get the fun of heading north to Marin County or south to the beaches at Santa Cruz/Capitola. Oh, I miss going to the beaches near Capitola. This is my old-stomping ground, where I spent my summer days, freezing my backside off in the frigid water, just to get a tan on the beach. It was so much fun, and I miss being close to the Ocean.

I know I have a lot of plans besides Regent, and if these all fail, I think at the least, I will take a day trip up to Flagstaff and to see the lovely Mogollon Rim. The cool clean air, filled with the smell of mountain pine, and the sounds of rushing river water, well -- sounds really nice to me. We will see what shakes out, and how the plans come to pass. For now, though, I am going to keep everything on my "maybe" list and I will wait to see what the Lord actually provides.

God is good. He is so very good to me.

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