May 21, 2014

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! May the Lord bless you this day as you continue to seek Him for His will in your life!

It is a good day today. It is beautiful today, sunny and warm, but not too hot. The high today is supposed to be 88, which I think is below normal for May. The temperatures are staying in the high 80s-90s through Sunday. I think we will be back in the 100s by the end of the month.

Speaking of the end of the month, I just realized that I have 20 days until I am in VA Beach for my summer residency. When I think about the fact that I have five books to read, and a major paper to write, plus several small papers to produce, I start to hyperventilate. I am not panicking just yet, but I am feeling that "overwhelmed" sensation start to bubble up inside of me.

Oh, Lord, please help me to complete everything I need to complete between now and when I fly out on June 7th!

Today is a MAJOR workday for me. I have a number of tasks that I have to complete and my to-do list is not getting any shorter (thanks to my procrastination the past couple weeks). I have to stick to my plans and get these tasks done today -- or else -- I really will panic over the looming deadline! God is good. He is good, and He knows me so well. He knows what I can accomplish today, and He knows what I will need to accomplish this week. I am trusting Him to complete everything that needs to be completed. I am resting in His sufficiency, His planning, and His ability to guide me through each and every task. May He receive all the praise and honor for everything I do this day. May His Name be praised continually, and May He receive all glory for my efforts and for my attempts. He is good, He is good, He is so very good.

My List of Stuff
  • Update the church website (add sermon video)
  • Finish fixing the audio files from Easter and upload to church website
  • Work on some client edits (website stuff)
  • Read "Writing the New Ethnography" and write a short reflection (today)
  • Begin research on ethnography project for Qualitative Research (COM 703)
  • Begin research on scholarly proposal for Crisis Communication (COM 652)
  • Ride my bike -- 2 miles (goal)
My biggest concerns are my assignments for my doctoral classes. The summer session is shorter than normal, with my COM 652 class only running 8 weeks. I have focused most of my energies on discussion posts for that course, without really thinking about the projects that are due soon. I have an applied project on Crisis Comm that I am going to do for my church. I have a second "scholarly proposal" to write that ups the course requirements from a MA level class to a PhD class. It is the second part that is panicking me the most. I have to have 20 sources, an annotated bibliography, and a decent proposal for study. UGH!

Most of the reading I have to do is related to COM 703. I have already read one book, and with the second book scheduled for today, this will leave me with two smaller texts to complete between now and June 7th (the day I fly out). I have a large text (600 pages) to read before June 9th, but I think I will skim it for content, and then read selected sections on the plane and on June 8th (Sunday). My good friend and colleague, Heather Hamilton-Stilwell, is presenting on this book, and she will do a phenomenal session so I don't feel I have to try to read it completely before class begins.

For COM 703, I have to write a reflection (today), and then write a book review on a secondary source (I need to purchase ASAP). I also have to write a proposal for my ethnographic project. Right now, I am thinking about focusing on faith stories, and the Lord has suggested I interview a couple people from our Celebrate Recovery ministry. I need to get approval from my professor, but I think that this would be a good start for me. I want to pursue narrative communication for my dissertation, and I want to focus on faith storytelling. I am praying for receptivity from both my professor and the folks at CR. I need to decide how to interview, what types of questions to ask, etc., so that I can frame my project correctly. I am starting to get excited about it, and I think the project will be well-received once it is finished. God is good, so very good to give me this opportunity to learn, to share, and to minister to others through my scholarly research efforts at Regent University.

So that is my story for this happy and wonderfully blessed Wednesday. I pray your day is blessed as well and I ask the Lord to cover you (all my blog readers) with His favor today so that you can tackle your To-Do list and "get-er-done!"

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