May 7, 2014

Lenny "The Fish"

I blogged about this last week -- about my nephew's fish named, Lenny -- and how he was left behind here in Phoenix because he would not have survived the trip to Simi Valley, CA. Well, Lenny has settled in quite nicely. He has received an upgraded filter for his tank, and he is on a diet of fish food twice a day (versus my nephew's way of dumping in food several times each day). Lenny seems happy on the kitchen counter, and he has had regular visits from both Ike and Winston. The photo at left is of Winston, who seems to be more interested in Lenny at the moment.

Today, however, Ike was on the counter and he was playing with Lenny. Mom wanted me to take a photo of him, but I decided to shoot a video instead. You can see it on my channel or you can just watch it from my blog.

The video quality is not great, but you can see my beautiful Ike and hear his cute little cries (if you are into such things).



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