May 9, 2014

It's a New Day

Thinking about the fact that today is a new day, a chance to start over, to begin again, and to choose how to live my life. I found this graphic on the Internet and I wanted to post it here because I think it has great value. If we continue to live in the old way, the old life, the old man, so to speak, we live with the contamination of sin in our lives. But if we choose to live in the new way, the new life, the new man, then we experience the blessing of righteousness in our lives. The choice is always between the old and the new and every day we must decide which way to go. Will we choose life or will we choose death?

I know that my life has been like a rock-strewn path. It has not been an easy travel for as long as I can remember. I wish it had been different, and I wish that my path would have been smooth and easy to follow. I have climbed many hills, and I have walked through many valleys. I have struggled to crossover places where streams flowed through or boulders blocked my way. It has not been easy, and it has not been without moments of frustration and desperation. Yet, through it all, God has been my ROCK. He has helped me see new ways to go, new paths to follow, and to experience success even when faced with giant obstacles in my way. He has always, consistently, been there to see me through every event, every circumstance, and every situation I have encountered. He is good, so very good to me.

Today, I think about my path, the path that I am on and where I am going to go. I think about the obstacles in front of me, and even though I do not know their size, and I can imagine they will still be impressive and will cause me to shrink back for a time. I know that I must walk on toward that THING that the Lord has called me to pursue. I must walk toward what is OUT THERE even though I am uncertain of the outcome, the eventual result. I can only see so far forward and then there is mist. I can only make out rough details and sketchy images. I must pursue this path, I must follow it to the end. I must trust in the One who is able to make all things clear to me.

The odd thing about this day is that my life seems at a standstill right now. I am not moving forward, and I am not going backward. I am standing still. It is as if I am waiting for something to happen, something to direct me forward. I am waiting for this THING to take place and once it does, then and only then, will I move forward. I know this THING, I know what this THING is, but it is not something I can control. It is not in my hand of control. I am waiting for someone to do something to move me forward, and I am waiting for this person to make a decision that could alter the course of my life. Ultimately, it is the Lord who directs my steps. Ultimately, it is He who calls the shots, and it is He who moves me where ever He chooses. He has asked me to wait, to be patient, and to rest here a moment. So I rest. I listen and I obey, and I rest here. I will wait to see what happens, to find out if I will follow this new path or if I will stay on my current path. I will wait to see how the end will come to pass, and then I will know for certain if I am to do this THING the Lord is telling me to do or if I will remain where I am. I am OK with either choice, but the THING I am waiting for would take me to a different place, and in that possibility there contains great interest and expectant joy.

It is difficult to remain still, but I am reminded of Psalm 46:10 this morning:

"Be still and know that I am God."

Yes, Lord, I will be still and know that you are God. I will wait and I will rest with you. I will let you lead me to the place of your choosing, and I will gladly follow you. I am 100% ready to do this THING, but I need you to motivate and to encourage the other person involved to do their part. I am ready, I am so ready, but I know and I understand that this THING is not something I can do alone. Thank you for your provision, your grace, and your mercy this good day. I confess to you that I am helpless, and that I need you so desperately to resolve this tension so that I can move forward. I ask now that you go before me, leading me onward. Be my guide, show me the way to go, and inspire me with hope and encouragement to know for certain that this is your plan, your will, and your way for my life. I ask this now in your mighty and matchless and most merciful Name, Amen. So be it, thy will be done. Selah!

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