May 31, 2014

Saturday Post

Yep, it's Saturday. T-minus 6 days until I fly to VA Beach. I am excited to be going to Regent this summer. I still have quite a bit of homework to finish before I leave, but I am feeling more confident about the workload/schedule as the days draw near. I was able to finish my critical book review, and I am working on my proposal today. I know once I have a part of my proposal down, I will be able to relax and just finish the rest of it by the due date (next Saturday). God is good. He has me well-covered.

In other news -- my brother drove over from San Diego with his new car. He has been looking to get another car for several months, so he called yesterday saying that he wanted to take a drive (LOL!) He arrived last night, and his new car is lovely. I got to ride in it this morning, and it is a smooth ride for sure. We drove to Kohl's to do some shopping, and then had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Overall, it has been a nice weekend so far.

Nothing else going on...I am cleaning out Lenny's fish tank today. It is getting a little slimy, and I think poor Lenny needs some fresh water. My cousin, Deb, is coming for dinner. We are cooking out -- Salmon -- on the grill.

I am tired, really tired, but focused and dedicated to getting my work done today. I really would like to take a nap right now (perhaps after Lenny gets some fresh water). Oh well...such is the life of a school teacher, eh?

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