May 27, 2014

Welcome to Summer!

I have decided that I want to live near the ocean. Yep, I want to leave the desert and move to the beach. I am so ready for some blue water, warm sand, and the lovely breezes that come in off the ocean. Oh, I need this change of venue so badly...

Let's see -- I need a job at a University that is near the ocean. I need to live in a place where the cost of living is not skyrocketing high (considering I will be living on a professors salary -- which is not that much by most economic standards). Well, Cali is off the list as is most of the places in the Northeast. Perhaps the Mid-Atlantic region is better...did I say how much I LOVE VA?

Yeah, well, I am not sure if the Lord has that in mind for me. Still, I am open to relocating. I will go where ever He says for me to go. I am ready, Lord! I will go where you send me...

Today is Tuesday, and it is going to be smokin' hot in AZ. Yep, our high today is supposed to be 108. Funny, when you think about it, but yesterday it got up to 104, and I didn't even realize it. When the weatherman said our high was 104, I thought to myself, "really?" OK, so I have lived in AZ for too long, that is the short of it. I have been here 18 years and it is time to move on...

The hot weather simply means that I will spend my day inside.  I am OK with that today because I have a boatload (ooh, I am on a beach theme today) of school work to do. I did finish my DQ for last week (yesterday), and I commented on my colleagues work today (hooray!) I have to read two books today:
  1. Writing the New Ethnography by H.L. Goodall, Jr.
  2. Digital Ethnography by Natalie Underberg and Elayne Zorn
Then I have to write a short reflection paper on Goodall, and a 3-page critical book review on Underberg/Zorn.

This weekend is devoted to reading:
  1.  Doing Visual Ethnography by Sarah Pink
As well as starting my research project for church, gathering sources for my literature review for my proposal (Ethnography), and thinking about a scholarly project (yeah, just thinking about it!)

Once these tasks are done, then I can focus on packing for Regent. I have to have my critical review posted by June 5 (week from this Thursday). My proposal is due on June 9, and my final projects for 653 are due June 24. I have a lot of work, research, and writing to do between now and the end of June.

Today is a good day. I feel good, I am in a good frame of mind, and I am invigorated toward completing my school work, and getting myself ready to fly to VA Beach! God is good, so very good. He has confirmed His plans for my life, and I am committed to following after Him. I have trusted Him with all these tasks and details, and I am in complete submission to His will. I will do what He thinks best regarding my courses, my assignments, my papers. I will write whatever pleases Him, and I will research whatever topics He chooses for me to research. He is good, so very good.

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