July 27, 2014

Praise Him in the Storm

Well, it is a fine morning here in Phoenix. We had a major monsoon storm last night, with fairly heavy damage right in our area. Nothing too serious -- lots of trees down, debris in the roadways, roof tiles missing, and some broken walls and bent doors -- normal stuff that happens when you get heavy rain and strong winds in AZ.

It seems always to happen like this -- you are talking with someone about the monsoon, how we haven't had a good sloshing in so long -- and then WHAM! you are hit with a hard storm. The past dozen years, our monsoon has been pretty weak. In the desert SW, the monsoon season is when we get our heaviest rains. We need the rain to keep our reservoir's full, and to beat off the depressing heat. When the monsoon fizzles, we get light rain and a lot of dirt. We need a good gully-washer to help keep us "in the pink" for rainfall totals.

Last night around 10:00 p.m., my phone started to buzz, telling me that there was a dust storm warning for our area. I assumed that we would get dust again, no rain, just a lot of dust. There is always a good chance of rain on the backside of these storms, but lately, they have broken up as they come up over South Mountain (near central Phoenix). We get the outflow without a lot of rain.

It must have been 30 minutes later when I heard the first clap of thunder, and I went outside to check to see if we were getting rain. It had started to rain slightly, and then the lights flickered on/off. We lose our power often, so it is usually not that big of a deal when the lights flicker. They usually come back on and then stay on. This time, they flickered again, and then BOOM! Everything went black. Thank goodness I had already shut my computer down.

As I walked down the hallway toward the family room/kitchen, I could hear the rain pounding our tile roof. It was louder than normal and that was when I figured it was hail. My folks and I tried to look outside but we had zero visibility. The sound of the hail hitting the roof was deafening. My only thought was my car (and my folks) sitting in our driveway. Hail damage is no laughing matter out here -- and the last thing I wanted was to have dings and dents in my car.

My son was over at the church (across the street). He had gone over to practice on the drums because he was playing this morning at our old church, Scottsdale Bible. He texted me to say that he couldn't come home because the hail and wind was so strong in the parking lot.

Of course, as soon as our storms blow in, they blow out. We had some very minor damage, nothing too expensive to repair. Our neighbors had more significant damage, but it appears everyone is safe and sound.

As I think about the storm last night, and the aftermath of cleaning up today, I cannot help but give my praise to the Lord for His goodness and His mercy. Mom said "I cannot believe our cars were not damaged with the large hailstones last night." I said "God placed in His bubble of favor and protection," which I believe is 100% true. There is no reason for our cars to not be damaged by the hail, yet miraculously, they are in perfect shape today.

The Lord is good, so very good. His favor and His blessing rest upon His people. While we may suffer trials at times, and not every day is always a best for us, God's unfailing love never ceases. His love for us, His provision, and His protection are from everlasting.

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