August 20, 2014

Finality and Closure

My divorce decree came in the mail today. The Judge signed the decree in open court on August 14, 2014 -- approximately 93 days (3.1 months) -- after I started the divorce process here in AZ.

I has been an almost surreal experience for me.

The entire process from start to finish, from discovery to dissolution, took five years (August 2009 to August 2014). In that time, my life has been transformed. I am a different person. Every part of my life has been reshaped, turned upside-down, and flipped inside-out.

The life I have today is blessed, so blessed, and it is so good. I cannot even begin to describe just how good my life is, how content I am to be living it, and how much I look forward to every new day, every new opportunity, every new possibility. Yes, God is good. He is so very good. He covered me, He carried me, and He gave me confidence to become the woman of His own choosing. I am good. I am so very good.

Romans 16: 25, 27 - Now all glory to God, who is able to make you strong, just as my Good News says. All glory to the only wise God, through Jesus Christ, forever. Amen.

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