August 23, 2014

It is Saturday and I am Feeling Good!

I love this graphic! Okay, so it is not biblical -- I still love the sentiment, and I love the fact that one of my favorite (all-time) actresses said it! Go, girl!

Since my divorce is now final, I have been asked numerous times if I would take (or had taken) back my maiden name (Buel). I chose to keep my Hepburn surname, mostly for convenience sake because even when the Judge signs the decree to give you your maiden name back, you still have to go through the process of changing every single legal document, credit card, permanent record, etc. To me, it was more a hassle than a benefit.

Plus, if I went back to Buel, then I would miss all those great introductory remarks whenever anyone meets me. Are you related to Katharine or Audrey? Have you ever met Katharine Hepburn? Yep, I get asked these questions almost every single time I mention my name. It is an easy ice-breaker, for sure. So until such a time as someone offers me a new last name, I will remain a Hepburn.

I woke up today feeling GREAT! I had such a good night's rest last night, and I feel very refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Of course, it is almost noon, but I do feel ready to tackle what is left of the day (LOL!)

I have some homework to do for my Regent Studies, and I have to get a game plan in order for GCU. I will have four classes to teach next week, so I have four sets of PPTs to create for Monday. I feel good about the process though and I am confident that next week will be super, just all-around excellent (positive thinking -- I'm Possible!!)

On tap for this weekend:

  • Some reading and reflection (for Regent)
  • A website analysis (for Regent)
  • Class power points (ACU, week 2)
  • Class power points (GCU, week 1)
  • Class policies and procedures (GCU)
Other than this, I am resting today and tomorrow. I have plenty of time to do my work (this work), and I still can relax and enjoy my day. I feel very rested, relaxed and ready to move forward in my teaching career. God is good, so very good to me.

Just on another divorce line of thinking...

I have been asked by a couple people if I will tell my in-laws that their son and I are officially divorced. It is a difficult question for me because I certainly do not want to be the one to break that news to them. My ex, more than likely, will not tell them unless he absolutely has to do it. They know that we are separated (have been for four years now), but they do not know that we started the divorce process this year. Both of his parents are in their 80's and they are unwell physically. I am of the view that they probably do not need to know this information. In truth, it would hurt them more than help them. Still, it is an interesting question to ponder.

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