September 7, 2014

Let it Be

It is the end of another long, long week. The weird thing is that this was a "short" week due to the Labor Day holiday. Yet, I feel as though this week has been incredibly long, intensely difficult, and downright exhausting. I have worked very hard to complete my teacher prep, but I feel that what has been accomplished will benefit me throughout this semester and well into the next. I am confident that as I move into the next weeks, I will find more and more "free" time within the mixture of class assignments, lesson prep, and doctoral studies (I pray it is so!)

Today is a good day. I am bone-weary from the week, yet my heart is filled with such joy. I am completely content to be where I am right now. I probably would have said something like "I am content, but so stressed over it" had I been asked that question earlier in the week. I am content, always content, but I am not always relaxed about the way my life is moving. Let me explain...

The Lord has provided amply for me this semester. I received my first direct deposits from ACU/GCU this week, and I am blessed. It is not as much as I would like (perfect case), but it is sufficient. I am trusting the Lord to provide for me, to show me the way He wants me to go. I believe that my steps are ordered, that my way has been made smooth, and that I am walking in His explicit will for my life.

The stress I feel is the result of the learning curve required in any new job. I just happen to be learning two new jobs (two schools). Added into that mix is  my ongoing studies at Regent, my personal life, and all the associated responsibilities dealing with the business of living. Yes, everything seems to be working together to create a delightful mix of the great big UNKNOWN!

So in thinking about today, all I can say is that I am GOOD. God is Good. God is faithful. He lives, and I am in a blessed relationship with Him. I am resting in His presence, His provision, and His protection. I am safe, I am secure, and the path I am on is sure. I rest, yes, I rest. I am letting it all BE!

May the Lord of all creation be blessed. May His Name be praised. May He receive all Glory and Honor!

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