May 16, 2015

May Weather and Other Things

It is May 16th, and the temperature outside is a balmy 70 degrees! We had a solid heavy rain for most of the day yesterday, and today the skies are partly sunny with lingering clouds. I sure hope it rains more today because I am loving this cool spring weather!

It is a good Saturday, and I am waiting for my family to arrive from out of town. My brothers (two of the three) are either in town or arriving this afternoon for a pre-birthday party for my Mom. Her birthday is next week, and she will be turing 82. Mom is starting to slow down a bit, and she is having some memory issues that are proving challenging. It will be good for the family to get together to enjoy this time of celebration.

News and Notes

Regent - I am struggling with my dissertation research topic. I had a good conversation with one of my new professors, but after hanging up the phone, I felt deflated by his response to my ideas. I will be meeting with my advisor next week, and I am hoping that he is able to help me clarify my way a little more directly. It is very difficult when you get down to the bottom of your coursework, and to know that you have to start thinking about the BIG paper. I so want to follow the Lord's leading in this, and I believe that I am. I have to believe that whatever I end up doing, the Lord will give me favor, and He will bless me in my research. Furthermore, I believe that my professors will like my research, and that they will be gracious to my ideas. Perhaps this is the Lord's doing, to help me refine my topic and to see that I am not quite where He wants me to be. Oh well...there is still plenty of time, but suffice it to say, I felt a bit let down yesterday.

Regent - My summer courses seem to be off to a good start. My Leadership Theory class has 39 students in it, most graduate level. I think there are 5-6 doctoral students including myself, but the rest are Masters level. It should make for a really interesting mixture of students, ideas, and content. So far, the reading and the activities (discussion board posts) have been pretty easy. This is an 8-week class, so the pace is rather quick. Still, I am glad I decided to take this class. I feel that I will learn a lot about leadership quality, which in turn, I will be able to use to help church's in crisis.

Summer Plans - So my parents tossed me a curve ball yesterday. Apparently my Dad wants to travel back to Indiana for his sisters 85th birthday in July. Well, Mom said that he couldn't go alone, and that she would have to travel with him. In truth, I don't think either can make this trip, so that means I would have to go with them. My son will want to go as well, and that means a big expense for me. I not sure what the Lord has in mind for us, but if He wants us to go to Indiana, then we will go to Indiana. Of course, He has to pay our way, but I am willing to go to make sure my Dad gets to see his sister.

I will be going to Regent in June, but I had hoped to be able to take a side trip to see my love in AL. The Lord didn't open that door for me, and I was thinking that perhaps this was why. My Dad will be 82 this year, and his sister is turing 85. Perhaps the Lord sees the need for my Dad to spend time with his sister. It doesn't mean that the Lord won't facilitate a trip to AL soon, but I am thinking that He may feel this is more critical than my desire at this time. I trust the Lord, and I believe the Lord will cover me and provide for me in His time.


I am still waiting to hear on my fourth teaching contract. I have accepted three contracts from GCU already, and hopefully, I will receive the fourth contract from ACU in the coming weeks. I have applied to a couple local positions, but so far nothing concrete has materialized. This doesn't mean I won't get these jobs, it just means that I am in this "holding pattern" that seems to be the pattern of my life recently. Yes, I am on hold.

My Hope for The Next...

I am hopeful that the Lord will provide me with a permanent position. I have needs, financial, but in the light of eternity, they are minimal. I mean, I am able to make ends meet, and God provides for the shortfall consistently. I need to let go of the worry, the fear that I will not make a payment or miss an important event. No, I have to trust in the Lord to provide, and I am doing that, but it is just that I don't like the feeling of getting squeezed so much. I would prefer to live with a bit more affluence. Until the Lord does that, if He should do that for me, I have to rest and rely on Him, on His judgment for my next 3-6-9 and 12 months. The Lord does know what He is doing...and I have to let this go...

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