June 7, 2015

I Made It!

It is beautiful day here in Chesapeake, VA. I made it to VA yesterday, in pretty good shape, despite falling while deplaning in Washington, DC. Yeah, I took a nose dive on the jet way and twisted my knee pretty badly. I was in a a lot of pain waiting for my flight to Norfolk, but after I finally got to my final destination, felt a little better. I would say I am sore overall, but nothing serious, PTL!

My hotel is comfortable, and I had a good night's sleep. Today is my "free day," and I always try to fly into VA so I have one day to rest before I start my residency week. I can save money if I fly in Sunday and leave on Friday, but I prefer to fly in Saturday and leave on Saturday. It just works better for me, and I like that I get a day to just play around town, run errands, go to the store, etc. God is good to provide the extra days, and I always start my week refreshed and ready to tackle school (in-class).

Today is a good day. I don't have much on tap other than getting ready for tomorrow. I hope to get out of the room shortly, and then spend sometime outside in the humid, but warm and sunny weather. It is a nice change from Phoenix, I should say. It is about 70 degrees outside, warmish, but not terribly humid. I thought about getting over to the beach today, but I decided to stay closer to town as I am still wiped out and think I will need a nap later today. Really, I can do whatever I want to do today. I may just crawl back into bed and rest some more. It is 10:36, and I am starting to get that sleepy feeling again. Oh well...I guess my vacation/residency will be all about resting! PTL!!

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