September 2, 2015

Making Good Progress Today

It is a great day today. I am sitting in the 3rd floor library at GCU, and I am using one of the Mac's that are setup for student use. I have to admit that I prefer to use a Mac rather than my PC laptop, and it was sure nice not to have to lug that heavy HP computer around with me today. I made the decision to come to work with only my student briefcase and to leave my laptop at home. I thought for sure that I would miss my own computer, but in truth, using the study computers has worked out just fine. Just an aside -- I am sure that the library computers get packed later in the day, but since I am here early in the AM, this is working out well for me. I feel good about my progress today, and I think I am in really good shape for the rest of the week. Praise the Lord -- He is good, so very good to me!

Trusting in the Lord's Provision

Today, I completed all my discussion post replies for my TA class (COM 708). I also started working on my critical review, and I have it about 1/2 completed. I will finish it tonight at home, and then post it along with my two discussion questions tomorrow after I get home from ACU. In all, this means that my work for Regent will be caught up (PTL) and I will be able to focus on my reading for later in the week as well as my student preparation for tomorrow and Friday. In all, I am feeling accomplished and that, my friends, is a GREAT thing.

Yesterday was a challenging day for me. I mean, I spent the early morning teaching, and then I had planned to accomplish all my work while I was at home. Instead, I ended up having to take care of stuff at home. My Mom is struggling to cope with her radiation treatment, and that means that she is not able to do much of anything. She has only four more treatments, but I have a feeling that the process, the procedure has really taken its toll on her physically. I am hopeful that she will respond and rebound, but only the Lord knows what will be. I am trusting in His provision of care and shelter for her and for my Dad.

The amazing thing in all of this is the fact that while I am stressed and pressed to the limit, I am feeling the freedom to live in the moment, and to let go of the worry, the anxiety and the doubts that have lingered for so long. I am letting the Lord work through me -- through me in every way -- and I am experiencing an amazing freedom. I feel free to be rested, to let go of the stress, and to allow Him to control the outcomes. I am doing the work, for sure, but I am no longer feeling responsible for the results. I mean, I do what needs to be done, but it is as if the responsibility has been lifted off my shoulders. I go, I do, I watch as the Lord performs miracle after miracle in my life. I am experiencing the blessedness of being alive in Christ, made free in Him, to will and to work for His good Name, His glory, and His praise and honor. Yes, I am free, and the feeling is wonderful, completely wonderful.

Moving Toward His Will

As I sit here today, I contemplate on all that has taken place in my life. I mean, just yesterday, I was overwhelmed and feeling dread about what was to come. Then as if a great and mighty wind rushed through my dreariness, I felt this refreshment of my soul, this refurbishment that seemed to pick me up and carry me to a new place. This "new place" is filled with peace, with rest, and with contentment. I am tired, don't get me wrong. I had another night of night sweats and less sleep than I need (only 5.5 hours, when I need about 8 to feel really good). I am tired today, sleepy right now, but generally my mood is good, and I feel as though anything is possible with God. I really do feel positive that today will be good, very good.

One thing I know is that I am moving toward His will and not away from it. I am moving closer to seeing His expressed will for my life come to pass, and that means that I am able to experience far greater joy as I complete the various tasks He has assigned to me. For example, while I am feeling the "burn" of teaching right now, just the strain of getting up, delivering content, grading papers, etc., I am aware of His plan and how He intends to use teaching for His glory. I am able to rest in the knowledge that I am where I belong, doing the thing He desires that I do, and that gives me great joy. Furthermore, as I seek His face, I am reminded that He always goes before me, prepares my way, and ensures my success. He is good, He is always looking out for my best. Lastly, as I think about the path I am on, I realize that I am moving toward the "place" He has for me. I know it is not here in Phoenix, and in time, I will know where I am to go (to move). Until then, I rest in the knowledge that I am here in AZ for a time only. Soon He will tell me to go, provide the resources for me to go, and Lord be praised, WE will go!

Until then, I do the work He asks me to do, and I take joy and comfort in the knowledge that He as me so well-covered. I am well-covered this very good, this very, very good day. Selah!

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