January 20, 2016

Getting Ready to Go

It is a beautiful day here in sunny and warm, Phoenix. It is about 57 right now (at 10:00 a.m.) and our high is expected  to reach 72. In truth, it is lovely outside. It will be a good day to walk the campus at GCU.

My plans today include teaching three sections of English 106, a conference call with my colleagues, and some exam review and studying later on tonight. I am in a good place, a very good place today. I was able to get caught up on my to-do list last night, and now I feel very confident that I have everything in good working order. I had some issues this past weekend with my printer, but that problem seems to have resolved itself (hooray!), and last night, I was finally able to print my remaining documents for my exam review in February. I also practiced my first "brain dump" last night. While not an utter failure, it wasn't as "good" as I had hoped. I didn't really study my notes before I did it, so in reality, there wasn't so much available to dump out. I hope to do better with these information dumps over the next couple weeks.

As I plan for today, I cannot help but give praise to the Lord for His good, good, good provision. I received a noticed from OCU last night asking me to attend orientation. This is the next step in the process of being hired to teach adjunct online courses. I also received confirmation from Regent University that they haven't reviewed my materials yet, but that they are forming an adjunct pool for their CAS courses. This means that this position will be part-time as well, but it is online, and I am open to teaching in as many schools as possible to cover my expenses in the coming year. I look at both of these emails as confirmation of the Lord's will for my life. I may not have that full-time position yet, but I am slowly working my way toward it. The Lord's timing is perfect so I must be patient and wait for His best to come to me. Right now, that simply means "in time," which is a good way to say "not yet, but soon!" The Lord knows that I need to pass my exams and that I need to finish my dissertation. I am at the exam point now, and once I advance to candidacy, I will begin to work on my project. My prayer and my hope is to graduate by the end of the year. Only the Lord knows this time, so I am trusting Him to see me through to the very end of my program. He is good, so very, very good to me! Praise be to God! Selah!

Another thing that seems to be working in my favor is my studying and preparing for my exams. I have stressed over and over about my exams, and even at times, felt as though I was completely lost in the process. Then, just like "that" (with a snap of my fingers), the fog clears and the road before becomes visible again. I am not sure why I get so bogged down with the details, but I do. Still, the Lord prevails and right when I feel so overwhelmed, so unable to do anything at all, He moves and voila! I am able to see what to do next. It has been such an amazing process, and I love the way the Lord is preparing me for these exams. I am trusting Him 100% because I honestly do not know what to expect or how I will pass. I believe this is His will, and my faith is kicking into high gear as I make that turn and begin to count down to D-Day. He is good, He is so very good to me!

Moving On and What That Means

Yesterday, I spent a good portion of the day at rest. I realized that I had accomplished quite a lot in a very short time, and that I needed to rest my weary brain. I spent the day relaxing, and then at about 3 p.m., I started to work on my studies. I was very frustrated for a time, and then as described above, the fog lifted and I made really great progress last evening. I pray the same will be true tonight as I struggle to endure standing on my feet, emoting 4 hours, and then discussing with my colleagues our progress and panic attacks (we commiserate well together!) In all, I know the Lord has me well covered so I am resting now (mentally) and getting my brain ready to tackle my students and their essays for this week. I can do this, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Selah!

Several things are on my mind, most namely, how I am going to make it through the next couple weeks. I have so much to do, places to go, and people to visit (so to speak!) It seems insurmountable, yet His hand is steady and I know that all I need to do is follow Him. It is not up to me to move myself across country. It is not up to me to take care of my parents (financially). No, it is up to the Lord to handle everything that concerns me this day. I must rest, I must abide, and I must trust in His way, and in His timing. He knows me well, and He knows all the things that worry me. Still, I look to His hand of blessing, to His provision, and to His perfect timing in all things. He has me covered, and I rest and I trust in Him to make all this happen. You know, His way or the highway, as they say...

In closing (and this is a short post because I really do need to get moving) I am looking forward to today and to what the Lord intends to do through me. I am giving Him all praise, all honor, and all testimony for His goodness toward me. He is so good, so very good to me! Praise be to God, selah!

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