February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!

Today is Sunday, February 14, 2016. It is also Valentine's Day, a day when people are supposed to express their love for one another. Normally, this day is celebrated as a romantic holiday by dating (or soon to be dating) men and women, husbands and wives, and when I was young, by children in like fashion.

Valentine's Day was never one of the holiday's I enjoyed much because it just meant that in school, certain kids were liked, and certain one's were not. I know my teacher's tried to make the celebration equal -- as in -- everyone must bring a valentine for every child in the class. It just seemed that no matter how many valentines you actually received -- there was always this feeling as if it was staged -- and sadly it was. As I got older, the holiday became less of a happy time and turned into a "I will never be anyone's valentine" sob story. Yes, I was one of those little girls who was never asked to be a valentine, who never received a valentine, and who never was sought out as "my valentine).

Now as an older person, I see the holiday through the same lens as I did as a child. I look at the people who get into the holiday and they all have one thing in common -- they are the social butterflies of their little world. Yes, they are the ones, who now as an adult, were the "chosen" people to receive doting affection by teachers and other children in class. As they matured, they were the popular people who had lots of suitors. Now as adults, their behavior is oddly recognizable. They still engage in similar social behaviors, and they are still at the center of everything to their families, friends, and peers.

I don't mean to bemoan their popularity because it is what it is. However, as a social scientist, I cannot help but notice a phenomena surrounding popular children, teens and adults. There is just SOMETHING that makes them standout and shine.

Whereas, the quiet ones, people like me, well we tend to hide in the shadows. We tend to simply exist on the fringe, engaging when we feel most comfortable, and on holidays like this one, we remember the pangs of isolation and loneliness as the popular children, popular teens, received all the interest from both sexes. Yes, we remember what it felt like to look always on the inside while standing on the outside of the social circle of life.

I guess there is some sociocultural or sociopsychological trend at work. There is probably an evolutionary trend that suggests that the popular people who make up society are valuable in some way. I tend to consider all people of value, but I am sure there are correlations between popularity and success, popularity and opportunities, popularity and love.

Hmm....something to ponder more as time passes by.

Thinking Today about His Love

Although, this day is all about human love, I cannot forget to give praise to God whom loves us all so very dearly. I am thankful that even when I may not feel loved by my family, friends or peers, God's love is always present, always consistent, and always there reminding me that He values me, treasures me, and desires a relationship with me. He is God, and He gave up everything to redeem my life from the penalty of Adam's sin. I give Him thanks today for His marvelous grace, His mercy that covers me and provides such comfort to me. I look up, I let go of all my futile efforts, and I put my trust -- my faith -- in His blessed Hand this good, good day.

May there be more of You this good day, Lord. May my life be shaped in the light and the glory of your marvelous love. May all my dreams, hopes, and yes, passions, be summed up in your presence, in You, so that nothing I do or even attempt to do is based on my own superficial needs or wants. You alone are my source of life. You alone bring me hope. You are good, you are God, and I am nothing in comparison to your amazing grace, goodness, and godliness. May everything I do this day, and the days to come, bring you praise, honor, and glory. You alone are worthy, you alone are worthy!

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