February 15, 2016

Preparing the Way

Today is Monday. I am blessed to have this holiday off as it will give me four days to recover from my comprehensive exams. I am still tired, not overly tired, just a little wiped out from all the writing I did in two days time. I know the Lord has me well covered so this good day, and I know that He has everything regarding my life under control.

I have a lot on my plate today. I need to finish my grading of student essays, and I need to start to evaluate my exam answers in preparation for my oral defense. I feel confident that I can get everything done today, and my exam prep, well that is going to be up to the Lord. I did my best on my answers, and while not "pretty," let's just say that I did my best. I really did do my best.

Today, then, is a good day to be at home. The weather is lovely outside, another warm day, and I am thankful that I am not living in the frigid north (though the snow does look lovely). I am also grateful that the Lord has provided rest and comfort to me this good, good day. As I reflect on my life, I see His handprints over the various opportunities that have come my way. I see my life as planned, ordered, and arranged, and that brings me sweet comfort and great relief. It is so good to know that I am not the commander of my destiny, that it is not up to me to make this or that thing happen. No, I can rest in the knowledge that my God has me well-covered. He knows my days, my beginning and my end, and He knows where He intends to "plant me" in order for me to grow. I am thankful, then, that the Lord has a good plan for my life (Jer. 29:11), and that He has made a way for me to accomplish those plans. I will let go of everything I hold in my hand, and I will walk on as I follow AFTER Him. I will follow Him, and I will trust that He knows where we are going and how we will get there. He is good, so very good to me.

Two things come to mind this good, good day. One is that I am right where I am supposed to be, of this I am sure. And, two, the plans the Lord has for my life seem to be unfolding before my very eyes. Yesterday, I applied for an online teaching position at a school based in Wisconsin. The position is as online faculty teaching English Composition and Literature courses. I like the idea of working from home again, and I like the fact that this job doesn't require me to live near the school. More so, I am getting more comfortable with the idea that perhaps the Lord intends for me to work from home so I could do ministry full-time. I like this plan, the idea anyway, because it would mean that I could do both equally well. I could teach and earn a steady income AND I could engage in the ministry work He has for me to do. I could produce a lot of good work if I was at home. Thus, I think perhaps this is His plan. I am not sure if this is His job choice, but it is a good job nonetheless.

The weird thing is that when I went to apply, I found out that I had already entered a profile into their system. I don't even recall doing that before but I must have done it after June of 2013 because my current information was already loaded into their application system. I guess perhaps I did apply before, but I just don't recall that happening. The funny thing, as in odd or weird, is that for a time -- way back in 2010 or 2011 -- the Lord showed me Menomonee Falls, WI as a possible place where I would go and work. I thought He was showing me this place as a place to live so I did my due diligence and checked it out. At that time, I was working at Macy's so I was thinking the Lord would keep me in retail sales or some aspect of retail. Kohls Department stores has their headquarters in WI, and I thought perhaps He would provide a job at their corporate offices.

The funny thing is that I didn't really want to live in WI. It wasn't that I didn't want to go there at all, but rather, I just couldn't see how or why the Lord would take me there. I know no one at all in this area and it is so very cold -- like brrrr -- cold! Still, I was open to going should that be the Lord's provision for my life. So when I found the job online yesterday, I checked the school out. Lo, and behold, the school is located in Menomonee Falls. Whether you believe in coincidence or not is immaterial. I simply think it is weird that I would receive inspiration to check out this specific place some five-six years ago, and then this week, I would apply for a full-time faculty position in the exact same location. Weird stuff.

I am not sure if this is His position of choice, but I prayed over the job before I applied. I felt as if it was okay to submit my resume for consideration. I am keeping my eyes open for other jobs as well, but for now, I feel like I am okay to leave things be for a while. I still have my application in process at Regent, and more than likely, I will pass the first step before interviewing with the department. I am comfortable working part-time at Regent and at Ohio Christian University. The combination of employment would help me live very comfortably wherever the Lord chooses to settle me.

Lastly, as I consider my next steps, one thing is for sure -- the Lord knows what He is doing. I am trusting Him, and I am trying very hard to not strain at the bit. I am trying to let this be, to let Him be, and in that way, I can rest and feel as though His plans are in no way hindered by my intervention. Yes, Lord, may it be so!

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